Homemade Gift Ideas – Bath Salts


Homemade bath salts gift

It’s October already and Christmas is not that far away. I know, I can hear you all say but it’s only October and still my reply is Christmas is just round the corner. So I have started thinking about presents for this year and I saw this idea on the Food Matters website last year. However, it was too late for me to do anything about it so this year I’m getting ahead.

Bathing with salts can help to stimulate circulation, detox the skin, promotes cellular regeneration, detoxifies and helps dry, scaling or irritated skin to heal. Salt water bathing reduces inflammation of the muscles and joints, it can help to relax muscles and joints and relieves pain and soreness.

Salt water baths work because natural mineral salts restore balance through the skin. The human skin is the largest organism on the body. Skin absords everything that it comes into contact with and salt baths have been scientifically proven to stimulate the skin. Natural salt contains many minerals including magnesium which helps the nervous system, relieves stress and they can relieve water retention.

A salt water bath can help bring a healthy calcium balance which strengthens bones and nails. The salt also contains potassium which you need for your blood after exercise and which you need for moisture, healthy skin and all-over energy. Bromides in the salt can heal and relax your muscles. Finally taking a salt bath means more sodium. The human body needs the sodium for a healthy immune system and for appropriate fluid balance in your body.

So taking a salt bath could help you or your friends this Christmas, if you decide to make this present. It’s a relatively cheap and easy present to make for your friends. It doesn’t cost the earth and it’s really easy to do. We buy our Espom salt, Dead Sea salt and Hymilayan pink salt from Amazon in bulk and they last us a long time. To see how I make this lovely present please go to my YouTube channel for more details.

Makes 1 750ml jar

Equipment needed

  • Cup x 250ml
  • Jar x 1 750ml
  • Funnel x 1 (optional)
  • Skewer x 1


  • Epsom salt x 2 cups
  • Hymalayan pink salt x 2 cups
  • Dead sea salt x 2 cups
  • Essential oils of your choice I used in the vlog,
    • Lavender oil
    • Melissa oil


  • Place the funnel over the glass jar and pour in two cups of the dead sea salt.
  • Remove the ¬†funnel and add a few drops of the essential oil you have decided to use.
  • Put the funnel back over the glass jar and add two cups of hymilayan pink salt.
  • Again remove the funnel and add a few more drops of the essential oil.
  • Finally put the funnel back over the glass jar and add the last two cups of dead sea salt.
  • Then add the last few drops of essential oil.
  • Put the lid on, tie ribbon around it and deliver it to the friend or relative.
  • (Please note, depending on the size of your glass jar you can adjust the measurements accordingly).

Now I realise that not everyone has time nowadays to take a bath. I hold my hands up and admit I do not have twenty minutes to lie in the bath most days. So this can also be used as a salt scrub in the shower. It’s just as good for you this way too. Plus it will help with any cellulite and dead skin the body can develop.

Essential oils have been used in these bath salts as well. They can also be purchased from Amazon too. However, you could also use the buds of the lavender plant along with a few drops of oil. Or if you like mint you could use mint oil and put in a few mint leaves in the jar.


Bath Salts plus homemade gift and essential oils

For the jars I have used an old glass jar I had in the cupboard but you could buy these from Amazon as well. It such a great gift idea that it’s worth a try. Please let me know if you have any different ideas to me as I would love to hear all about them. If you decide to make these salts, then as always, please enjoy.