Roasted Tomato and Red Pepper Soup

Gluten Free – Dairy Free – Egg Free – Vegan Recipe

Roasted Tomato and Red Pepper Soup

Roasted Tomato and Red Pepper Soup

So the weather outside is cold and wet right now where I am, so I have decided to write my recipe for this delicious soup. Our old friend winter is on its way and I’ve been thinking about warming foods that will help to keep my body well during this cold season.

Soup is a warming food that is brilliant for the body. Firstly, this dish uses lots of great vegetables that are packed full of vitamins and minerals which will help to keep us well. Plus soup is a good way to induce water and it’s a food that takes a long time to digest. The body has to remove the water from the vegetables and then the liver has to process all of these elements. Therefore soup helps to keep us full for longer.

The recipe is quick, simple and easy to do. It’s full of flavour and my husband and I really enjoyed it. My son on the other hand as I have mentioned before is not a great soup fan so his plate was not cleaned. My husband and I, I’m please to say, licked our plates clean. So we think this dish is worth a try.

Serves 4

Equipment needed

Roasted Tomato and Red Pepper Soup 3

Roasted Tomato and Red Pepper Soup

  • Sharp knife
  • Chopping board
  • Baking tray
  • Food processor
  • Nutribullet
  • Large Spoon
  • Jug


  • Tomatoes x 8- 10 medium
  • Red Pepper x 2 large
  • Onions x 2 medium
  • Garlic x 6 – 8 cloves
  • Fresh basil x 1 large handful
  • Cannellini beans x 2 tins 400g
  • Chicken Stock x 1 litre
  • Herbs du provence x 1 – 2 tsp
  • Salt and Pepper to taste


  • Preheat the oven to 180° and put the baking tray in.
  • Next roughly chop the red pepper into large chunks removing the core.
  • Then finally chop the onions into quarters.
  • Remove the baking tray from the oven and put the chopped vegetables in and the whole tomatoes.
  • Along with the garlic and sprinkle over the herbs du provence.
  • Then drizzle the contents with olive oil and add salt and pepper to taste.
  • Toss all of the ingredients together.
  • Now put the tray back into the oven and bake for 30 – 40 minutes.
  • Once the vegetables are soft and starting to brown, remove the tray from the oven.
  • Leave to cool completely.
  • Once the vegetables are cooled, remove the skins from the garlic and throw away.
  • Then put half of them into the food processor.
  • Open a tin of cannellini beans and drain through the colander.
  • Pour in about a third of the stock.
  • Add in half of the basil at this point.
  • Now blend all of the ingredients together.
  • Put this into the jug and repeat the process for the second lot of vegetables.
  • For the last third pour into the blender to get any residue from the blender cup.
  • Once they are blended if you would like a smoother constistency use the nutribullet or a blender if you have one.
  • You will need to do this in two – four parts but once you have blended each part put it into the large saucepan.
  • Finally reheat the soup in the saucepan.
  • Then serve with a chickpea flour wrap and enjoy.
Roasted Tomato and Red Pepper Soup 4

Roasted Tomato and Red Pepper Soup

The recipe is so easy to do and could be made at the weekend and put into the freezer for a delicious mid week meal. It could even be taken as a lunch to work and my mum even had it as a pasta sauce when I made it for her during the week. As I said earlier my son didn’t really enjoy this meal but my husband and I loved it. We would recommend giving it a try. However you decide to enjoy this meal, as always, enjoy.

What type of soup do you love to eat on a cold winters day? Let me know in the comments below and please feel free to follow me by hitting the button. Thanks and see you all soon.