It’s your fault your skin is bad!

It's your fault your skins bad

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So I was the typical teenager, spots, braces and slightly chubby to boot. As a teenager I suffered with acne, spots and hormones. Ever since the day my first period started that’s when my first spots appeared. For me, it was quite depressing at the time and my skin stayed spotty until I was eighteen. My mum then took me to see a Chinese Herbalist just before I went to university. She paid for a course of treatment that helped with my skin and my hormones. Unfortunately, when I went to Uni she could no longer afford to pay for the treatment. My skin didn’t clear up completely but it was better and so were my hormones.

Until recently I have always had a few spots, always around my chin and mouth area. In my twenties I often wondered if it was to do with the food I was eating. At the time, there was not the amount of information there is today. Since giving up sugar my skin has become much better and recently I have been taking a course of homeopathic remedies. I have noticed since I started taking these that I will only get one, yes one spot around the time of my period. All the blemishes on my face have disappeared and the spot I got from my last period was underneath my chin where no one can really see it.

It’s amazing as I have been a person plagued with spots most of my teenage and adult life so, touch wood, I haven’t had any for a few months. I do believe this is due to a change in my diet and the homeopathic remedy I have been taking. Nowadays I am not using commercial products to clean my face and body. I have started to opt for organic products where I can. Since giving up sugar I have not only been learning about food but the products that we put on skin can be detrimental to our health as well.

Our skin is more than just the casing in which to hold our bones and organs. It is our main defence against external injury. Skin is actually a living breathing organ and the largest on our bodies. Most of the products we place on our skin are absorbed into our bodies. This has been demonstrated by hormone and nicotine patches.

Once upon a time I would have used every skincare product known to man to try to rid myself of spots. The chemicals in many of the skincare products I was using would have soaked into my skin and my poor body would probably not have recognised these substances. The chemicals in these products therefore might have been accumulating in my tissues causing more spots or other health problems.

The rates of illness and disease continue to rise steadily. There are studies that now show the connection between illnesses and chemicals. I feel it is important to the human race to reduce or even eliminate our exposure to chemicals. Chemicals in beauty products are really not necessary and I believe they are one of the main reason for most of our illnesses.

So by choosing certified organic body care I am decreasing the toxic overload in my body. I feel it’s as important as choosing a healthy diet. The plants that are grown organically have the purest oils and extracts which are free from herbicides and pesticides. For me, if the herbal extracts contain chemical residues then there is not much point in using them. Also by choosing organic products I am also helping to support the environment. It is known widely now that organic farming is better for wildlife, lowers pollution from sprays, produces less carbon dioxide and there is less dangerous waste.

So in recent months I have been researching and I have found several companies that I now buy products from on a regular basis. The first company I found, Lavera, is where I buy most of my make up and shampoo. Lavera are a German company that produce natural beauty products. These products are 100% free from synthetic perfumes, colourants and preservatives. Lavera are using raw plants and as much as possible using materials from certified organic agriculture. For the full story on Lavera click here.

The next company I have found is Dr Organic and this company strives to use organically grown ingredients. When they can not find these ingredients they will always use sustainable natural ingredients. They do not use harsh chemicals, there are no animal ingredients in their products, they do not test on animals, there are no GM ingredients and no preservatives. For more information about Dr Organic click here.

Finally I also use a local lady, Hannalise, who produces not organic products but products that are made with good quality natural ingredients. Hannalise is a qualified Aromatherapist and now Reflexologist. The products Hannalize sells are local to me and she makes natural body care products. For more information on Hannalise please click here.


How Cruel is My Make Up Bag is coming soon to my You Tube Channel.

By choosing companies like the ones I have featured in this article I feel I am helping that teenager who felt depressed about her skin to feel 1000 times better about herself. Now I feel that if I did get spots again I would be able to take an objective view and think about the kinds of foods I’ve been eating or what I’ve been putting on my skin. Plus I know where to get help when I need it. In helping myself I’m also helping the environment and supporting organic and local businesses in the process. Giving up sugar has given me a healthy body and great skin. But it is has made me realise how important my body is to me and how I need to treat this magnificent machine in order to make it work well for me.