Breakfast – The most important meal of the day!

We love breakfast in this house and I firmly believe the first meal of the day is the most important. Recently I made a video called Six Favourite Breakfasts for my YouTube channel. I thought I would share those breakfasts in a blog and why I think breakfast is important.

Eating breakfast sets me up for the day and I find that I can manage my weight easily when I have eaten in the morning. A healthy breakfast can stabilise the blood glucose levels and metabolism in the body. Overnight the body is at rest and considered to be fasting. I sleep for about eight hours a night and my son sleeps for about 10 hours. That is the average for adults and children so it’s a long time to go without eating. Therefore if I don’t eat in the morning my body won’t get the energy it needs for the day. It can affect my concentration and weight maintenance.

Starting my day off the right way by making healthy breakfast choices stops me from snacking throughout the day. I always find that depriving my body of foods does not help my weight. If I restrict my meals I find it takes the pleasure and enjoyment out of eating. When I finally allow myself to eat I tend to overeat which also happens if I don’t eat breakfast.

Choc Cherry Smoothie 3

Cherry Choc Smoothie

To make my life easier I prepare a lot of our breakfasts the night before to ensure that we don’t miss it. My Choc Cherry Smoothie recipe is a great on the go breakfast. There are other smoothie recipes on my blog but this one is a favourite. If we have porridge in the morning I always soak the oats overnight as I find them easier to digest but it’s also one less job to do in the morning. Then all I have to do is add all of the other ingredients in the morning. Heat and wait until it thickens then serve. My Blueberry, Raspberry and Banana Porridge is a really filling and healthy meal that is a great way to start your day.

If we want a cooked breakfast in the morning then scrambled eggs on toast for my son and my husband is a great quick breakfast for them. I normally have an omelette with half an avocado as I can’t eat gluten. The avocado acts as my bread replacement and I will also eat this meal with spinach as well.

Chocolate Sweet Potato Pancakes

Chocolate Sweet Potato Pancakes

Another great breakfast is pancakes. There are lots of great pancake recipes on my blog but Chocolate Sweet Potato Pancakes are a big favourite of ours at the moment. We love eating pancakes for breakfast so I always make the batter mix the night before. Then all I have to do is heat a pan in the morning and start cooking. It saves me at least 10 minutes. Plus, I occasionally make the pancakes and then freeze them. All I do is take them from the freezer the night before and heat the pancakes under the grill, eat and go.

Finally, my Sourdough French Toast is another particular favourite of my son and my husbands. I have never tried it but my little family tell me it’s yummy and they always eat the lot. All I have to do is add eggs, cinnamon and milk to a bowl. Mix them together and soak the bread in the mixture. Next I put a frying pan on a high heat and fry the bread on both sides until it’s golden brown. Once cooked I serve with honey or maple syrup.


Sourdough French Toast

All of these breakfasts are quick, simple and easy.  They don’t take me long to make in the morning. I am always hungry when I get up so I really look forward to my breakfast. Also, I find preparing breakfast the night before is a great way to make sure I don’t miss it. If I miss breakfast, which isn’t very often, I find I lack concentration and I’m not the nicest person to be around. So instead of the monster blues I would much prefer to eat in the morning. However you eat breakfast, as always, we hope you enjoy these recipes too.