Natural Remedies for Chicken Pox

Natural Remedies for Chicken Pox

Ted with his Chicken Pox

At the moment, I’m indoors for a week with a little boy who has chicken pox. My son’s spots appeared a few days ago. He’s all back to normal, apart from the spots and the boredom of staying in for a week! We are now waiting for the spots to scab over before we can return to the outside world. So while I’m sat on the sofa with him, I thought I would write about the natural remedies that are helping us with chicken pox.

Calamine lotion is the most common and it can soothe itchy skin. I know that it’s the lotion that most mothers will reach for when the poxes come knocking on the front door. However, most lotions will help to sooth the itching. I have opted for a fragrance free balm from Hannalize that I’m adding essential oils to. All I do is add a few drops of an immune defence essential oil to the balm and then I apply it to the affected areas.

My Natural Remedies for Chicken Pox

Rubbing balm with essential oils into Teds spots

Apple cider vinegar is a great natural remedy. It helps to heal the lesions fast as well as relieve irritation. Also it can prevent the blister and rash marks from developing into scars. The mild acetic acid acts as an anti-bacterial too. Another great treatment for chicken pox is Epsom Salt as it has great mineral compounds such as sulphate and magnesium. Again, it can help to sooth irritation and itching.

Epsom salt and apple cider vinegar can be added to a warm bath. Add two cups of Epsom salt and wait for it to dissolve. Add half a cup of cider vinegar to the bath as well. I let Ted sit in the bath for at least 15 minutes and I patted him dry at the end. Ted will be put in baths like this one until the skin is healed.

Natural Remedies for Chicken Pox 1

Ted soaking in an salt, vinegar and oil bath

Essential oils are a wonderful way to sooth and relieve the discomfort that accompanies this condition. Lavender oil is excellent for skin regeneration. It can heal wounds and scars and it’s very calming. Tea Tree oil is an anti-inflammatory and is strongly antiseptic. It has been proven to be helpful for acne, boils and burns. I have been adding a few drops of these to Ted’s bath as well.

Finally, food and a healthy diet is essential when healing from chicken pox. There are specific food remedies to help any illness. Chicken soup with lots of vegetables is known to be highly beneficial in treating this illness and many others. My soup recipe is full of vegetables that are vital in the healing process. The recipe includes carrots and coriander which have lots of antioxidants. Our bodies need basic nutrients including vitamins and minerals as well as enzymes that boost immunity when we are sick.

Homemade Chicken Soup 1

Cream of Sweet Potato and Chicken Soup recipe is now on my blog

A diet during any periods of illness should not be taken lightly and when Ted is sick we pay special attention to it. Plenty of fruits and vegetables are needed to help heal his immune system. Also I have limited meat and dairy as these foods, I feel, don’t help in the healing process.

These natural methods are working for us. Ted is recovering well and the baths, oils, lotions and food are helping with the irritation and itching. It’s only the boredom and the fact that he has to stay in for a week we have to try to treat now. Lots of videos and at least the weather is sunny so we can go into the back garden. I am praying for those scabs soon and a quick recovery.


Five Natural Remedies for Chicken Pox coming to my You Tube Channel tomorrow.