To Home School or not to home school, now that is the question?

Home School 5

Ted on his bike with his dad to help him.

As I sit and write this blog, like a few parents in the UK, my husband, Howard and I now are waiting for the appeals panel to inform us as to whether they have decided to allow us to change the chosen school that has been allocated to us. I have written a previous blog called ‘Bus stops instead of schools’. In the blog it explains we have been given our fourth choice of school which is four and a half miles away from our front door. To be honest, both Howard and I are very unimpressed by this decision and in my previous blog I explain why.

Since then we have written to potential MP’s and local councillors and we have also written to the two locals schools in our area. In fact these were our first choices. It seems there is very little we can do to change our situation. Both the schools we spoke to did not like our chances of the appeal. They seem to think that classes were full and they were not going to change. We are utterly disappointed that we did not get our preferred school nor the local school.

Home School 4

Ted using YouTube on the laptop

During the week Howard and I have been having lengthy conversations about our situation. We feel we now have three options. The first option is to send our son, Ted to the school four and a half miles from the door. Then we keep Ted’s name on the waiting list for the two nearer schools to our area. Although this seems like a good idea, it would mean that if we were to get a place in a school nearer to home, we would have to remove Ted from the school half way through the year. Ted may have already made friends at this point and he may not want to move.

Plus, I personally didn’t like the school as much as I did the first two (nearest) schools otherwise I would have put it to the top of the list. But that’s why I think they accepted us from so far away. I think they had low admissions for that school. The schools in our area had very high admissions and the last person to get a place in our local school lives 0.29 miles from the front door of the school. We live 0.5 miles as the crow files. Many people would tell me that I was lucky to get my fourth choice but I don’t feel so lucky with statistics like these ones. As well as these facts I really do not know where the money for the petrol is going to come from. We are not poor but I feel it would certainly stretch our budget. Plus there’s the uniform and the school trips that we would be expected to pay for on top of the petrol. Also, there I go driving 18 miles everyday pumping petrol into the already polluted atmosphere. Nice!

Home School 1

Ted helping in the kitchen with his apron on

Our second option is to keep Ted in preschool until January and then put his name on the January waiting lists for schools. As Ted is August born we are OK to keep him in preschool. But this would mean he would miss graduating with all the other children in his year. He has already come home and informed me that his teachers have told him there will be a party at the end of term. Sadly, this does not fill me with joy at this time. It makes me feel extremely angry and frustrated that I can not just put my son into our local school. It’s the way it always used to work. If there aren’t enough classrooms just put on an extra room. For me, it’s really simple but unfortunately it not so plain for everyone else. Especially those in the education authority.

Finally and this hasn’t been an easy one for us. We are now considering home schooling. I know a lot of people are against it but I’m in a fortunate position to be able to stay at home with Ted. It may mean that the work I have been doing on my blog and You Tube channel may have to be shelved for a while.

However, if it means Ted will get a good start in life I’m willing to do this for my son. When you become a parent you sacrifice yourself for another human being. I have a friend who home schools and I have spoken with her about it. There are more pros to home schooling than there are cons so I’m more than willing to try it. If there is anybody reading this blog who does home school then I would love to hear your opinion in the comments below.

Home School

Ted enjoying a hot chocolate he helped to cook

In an ideal world, the education department would offer more school places and more schools in growing communities. I don’t even feel I should be considering home schooling but unfortunately the government have left me no choice. I want my son to have a great education and if that means I have to go it alone then I will do it to the best of my ability. School or no school my husband and I will make sure Ted gets the best start in life.