Shopping for Organic Products: A How-To and My Story!

Organic Beauty Products 3

My organic bathroom products

OK so I write this a lot but since quitting sugar and processed foods I’ve been learning so much about the body. I have learned that it’s not only what we put inside our bodies but also what we put on our skin that can be harmful. So about a year ago I started to research organic products.

Websites like The Truth about Cancer and Food Matters have been teaching me through their articles about what to look for when searching for organic beauty products. Unfortunately, there are a few companies in the world that claim their products are 100% natural, making it seem like the products are organic but they may not be telling the truth.

It's your fault your skins bad

My organic make up bag

Organic means that the ingredients in products i.e. vegetable/plant grown, cannot be genetically modified or have to be grown without fertilisers and they are processed without man-made chemicals. However, in some products, non-organic materials can be used but they have to be assessed by an organic body.

When I’m buying organic products, I always check the website to understand the ethos of the company. I ensure that the company has been checked by certain standards agencies. For example, COSMOS, Soil Association UK or NaTRUE. Also, that the imgredients they buy in, as well as the finished products, are not tested on animals. Most organic companies now have an ‘about us’ page that informs the customer of their principles and standards.

For me, buying organic means buying for better health. I’ve become much more health conscious in the past few years and I feel I’m becoming much more educated in my choices as well. Plus, I have discovered that I honestly don’t need 10 different shampoos and five different mascaras when one does the job perfectly well. I realise that buying organic is expensive but I now only buy what I really need.

Organic Beauty Products 2

The back of my Dr Organic body lotion

The added bonus of buying organic means I’m helping the environment too. There have been calls to phase out the use of microbeads in certain products. Research shows these tiny pieces of plastic are polluting the ocean. So in recent years not only have I become more aware of the effects chemicals/microbeads can have on my skin but I have realised they are unsafe and they are causing a harmful effects to the planet.

For me, using organic products has become part of my routine. In the same way I have chosen to quit sugar and processed foods. I know it’s better for my body and the environment when I shop organically. All it took was five minutes of research and I have discovered amazing brands with great products. If you would like to see more about the bathroom beauty products I use then please go to the links below for more details.