Five Days, Five Places Visited in Dorset!


Ted and I on Weymouth Beach

Dorset is a picture perfect county with the most beautiful scenery. It’s a calm and peaceful place that we had the pleasure of visiting a couple of weeks ago. We are a family with a small boy so we were not really allowed to stop and enjoy the countryside. Instead we found five places that we thoroughly enjoyed visiting and we wanted to share them with you.

The first stop on our holiday was Weymouth Beach. According to my father in law this beach has the best sand for building sandcastles. And yes you’ve guessed it, the task for that morning was building sandcastles. Then we tried to make a moat around the castles that held water. Sadly, Weymouth Beach may have the best sand but the water sank with it. The moat was not to be but the sand castles held well and a good time was had by all.

Dorset Adventures part 2 17

Ted on the gym equipment at Lodmoor Country Park

After a delicious lunch in Weymouth we headed to Lodmoor Country Park just outside of the town. We enjoyed time in the playground with outdoor gym. My son, Ted, is a miniature railway enthusiast at 4 years old and we were hoping to ride on the mini railway. Sadly it was closed but hopefully next time we are in Weymouth we will take a trip on it. The outdoor gym and pirate ship playground were a great alternative for our son though.

The next day Monkey World was at the top of our agenda. As we entered Monkey World Ted decided to visited the playground instead! Eventually, we took a tour of the monkeys and there were so many captivating little creatures to be found. Monkey World, for those of you that don’t know, assists governments around the world to stop the smuggling of primates from the wild. The monkeys are rescued and then rehabilitated to live in their natural groups. It’s a big place and it’s home to over 250 primates.

Dorset Adventures part 2 1

A Monkey at Monkey World

My family thoroughly enjoyed watching the monkeys but the best part for my son was the large playground at the end of the park. I have to admit I tried and failed to climb the ropes on the climbing frame. However, Ted did a great job and slid down to the ground on the huge slide several times.

On to the next day and we took a fantastic trip to Farmer Palmers Farm Park. It’s a great place to go with small children as there are lots of activities and things to do. Ted found the toy tractors at the entrance and we couldn’t escape them for a good 30 minutes. Finally, with the promise of a tractor ride for only £1 we were on our way to exploring the park. The tractor ride goes across the park and it gets very bumpy in places too. It’s great fun and when it was over we continued to explore the park.

Dorset Adventures part 2 14

Ted on a tractor at Farmer Palmers

Farmer Palmers has it’s own restaurant with a great selection of homemade foods and a large picnic area outside. It also has a sand playground, woodland walk, maize maze, animal activities and loads more. My husband and I enjoyed the Go-Kart area. They have go-karts that you can pedal round a track and a seat on the back for children. Our son was able to sit on the back of a go-kart while my husband and I cycled on the track. It was great fun for all of us and even my mum joined in.


Howard feeding the deer on Farmer Palmers Deer Safari

The highlight of the day for all of us was the deer safari. We were able to feed deer in their natural habitat. We went on another tractor ride to find the deer and then the guide gave us food to feed them. It’s a great idea and very educational for children. We all thought Farmer Palmers was a lovely day for the whole family and we would give it 10/10.

The best attraction for me was The Swanage Railway. It’s like a step back in time to the 1940’s. The Swanage Railway was once a working railway that was sold over forty years ago. However, thanks to the dedication of the volunteers the Railway is back in operation.  The decor of each station reminded my mother in law of a school trip she took to Scotland when she was eleven. She really enjoyed the school excursion and for her it was a trip down memory lane.

Dorset Adventures part 2 13

The train pulling into Corfe Castle platform at The Swanage Railway

We took a trip to Swanage Beach on a steam train and thankfully the weather was good. Ted loves trains and he loves the beach too. Plus he had all of his grandparents there to amuse him. We had lunch and played a game of cricket on the beach. Before we headed home, we stopped at a Chocolate Shop called Chococo  that my husband wanted to visited. They make the chocolates with fresh cream and it’s a delightful place to visit. Then it was back on the steam train to our car. There will be a longer blog about the Swanage Railway coming on Friday. So watch out for that on here.

Dorset Adventures 26 part 2 15

Tanks at The Tank Museum

Finally on our last full day we visited the Tank Museum. The Tank Museum is home to over 300 tanks and it tells the story of the tank and the crews that have driven them. It starts with the first world war and continues to the modern day. The museum has six large halls filled with tanks and you can hear first hand accounts of those people who have fought in these machines. I learned of a mother who had lost three sons during the first world war. She lost one son in 1916, another in 1917 and the youngest boy in 1918. The youngest had been fighting on the front line in a tank when he lost his life. The mother had then lost all of her children.

It was an interesting place to visit and there were a few interactive exhibits for children of all ages. Plus there was a soft play area for Ted which is designed to look like a tank. Our final day was a rainy day so we felt as though it was a good place to visit on the last day of the holiday. All the exhibits are indoors.

After this day it was homeward bound for us. Dorset had been a great place visit and it has lots of interesting places to go for the day. As for missing the enjoyment of the countryside we actually enjoyed it driving to all of these attractions. Dorset truly is a wonderful holiday destination for the whole family. For the full holiday please go to my YouTube channel and watch the video below.

What are your favourite holiday destinations? Let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear about them. xxx