The Dorset Burger Company! Yummy!

When I was little my favourite foods were my fathers homemade burgers and donuts! Gone are the donuts but burgers are still a firm favourite of mine. Thankfully my son Ted and husband, Howard, love them too. Last year, when we visited Dorset my husband found the Dorset Burger Company on Trip Advisor and when we were visiting Dorset this year it was one place I just had to go.

The Dorset Burger Company is an independent award winning restaurant that uses as many locally sourced ingredients as possible to create their yummy burgers. They have a large selection of burgers and offer gluten free meals too which is a huge bonus for me. With an easy to read allergy menu that a lot of commercial restaurants don’t seem to offer.  Plus they have a new children’s meal deal menu which offers a burger and dessert for a very reasonable price. The Dorset Burger Company sell nothing else but burgers and they have a good selection on their menu.

So when visiting this time I decided I would like to try the Black and Blue Burger. It’s a plain beef burger that is topped with blue cheese and a mushroom. It was delicious. Due to my sensitivity to gluten I could not have the chips because they fry the onions rings in the oil. Sadly the onion rings contain gluten but I had the bubble and squeak dish with my meal. It was so good I could have eaten the whole meal again.

The Dorset Burger Company 2

The Black and Blue Burger with Bubble and Squeak @ The Dorset Burger Company

Bubble and Squeak is a traditional British dish you had when there were lots of leftover vegetables to be eaten. Surprisingly, it accompanied the burger very well and made a nice change from chips. However, there is a warning to those who like their burger well done. When ordering the burger you have to let them know how you would like the burger cooked. My husband always likes his burger well done where as I like my beef cooked medium to rare.

The service here, I have to say, is excellent and the staff are always attentive. The atmosphere is relaxed and the restaurant is clean. It’s a family friendly place restaurant that opened in 2012 and it’s built around the concept of locally source food.

The Dorset Burger Company have upheld the concept and it’s now a place I will go when visiting Dorset. The restaurant is situated just off Weymouth seafront near the clock tower and station. It’s open from 5.30 till 9.30 pm Monday to Friday and then 12 – 9.30 pm Saturday and Sunday. For me it brings back memories of my Dad’s burgers and it’s a place I think he would have enjoyed eating in. When in Dorset we will definitely be eating here again.