Blowing Up the Diet Industry!

Blowing Up the Diet Industry!

In recent months my son Ted, who is nine and I have both had hair tests. Hair tests can help you determine the foods that are both good and bad for your body type. The genetic coding in your body comes through your hair. It can help to show what foods are the best for your body. Nowadays they use hair testing in forensic science. They can now tell what a person last meal was through the hair on their head.

When our results came in I wanted to compared them. I was very interested to see what similarities and differences their are between Ted and I. For many years, I have had my suspicions that Ted would do well on a high protein, low carbohydrate diet. It’s always a bit windy after Ted and even my husband Howard eat beans and lentils! I have always felt better when I eat less meat, more beans and slightly more healthy carbs. For your information, I’m actually less windy after that food!

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My suspicions were correct. Ted’s results showed that he would be better on a high protein diet. My son is able to eat meat, cheese, eggs, yoghurt, 33% of his daily intake show be carbs. Plus it also suggests that Ted should stay away from lentils and beans. The results I received suggested that I shouldn’t really eat eggs, yoghurt and cheese. That I should eat more beans and lentils, chicken and cod.

Sadly Howard has no hair but again I have my suspicions that he would be better on a high protein diet. I think Howard and Ted have the same body type. They tend to mirror each other in terms of food likes and dislikes as well. Basically this proves that no two bodies are the same, well apart from Howard and Ted that is! Although, if we could test Howard I’m sure that their would be differences in his food too.

Every human on the planet is different and we all have different needs, especially when it comes to diet. Many people view diets as calories in and calories out. Which might be ok if you want to become an athlete but I don’t think it’s necessary. I now believe it’s about eating the foods that will help you to be the best version of you through your lifetime. Food is so important to our overall wellbeing but I feel we need to start learning what is best for us. It’s time to blow up the diet industry and feed our bodies the nourishment they deserve.