My Real Food Wagon Journey Part One

Hello! My name is Alexis. I LOVE FOOD and inside me there is a fat girl dying to get out. For years I have been trying to tame my ‘inner fat’ girl but recently I have been looking at different diets and healthier ways of living. There are many reasons why for years I have struggled with my weight but I think the main reasons were due to hormonal issues and too much sugar.

When I was about twenty five I had not had a period for nearly a year and my father suggested to me to make an appointment at the doctors. He had listened to a radio programme about Poly Cystic Overies Symdrome (PCOS) and the effects it has on a woman’s body. The symptoms described in the program were similar to what I had been experiencing. I made an appointment, I was then sent for a scan of my ovaries and later I was diagnosed with PCOS.

PCOS is a condition that affects how a woman’s ovaries work. All women with this condition have little cysts on their ovaries which means they do not ovulate on a regular basis. Some women’s periods are just a few days late but other women may not a period for years. It also makes it harder for a sperm to fertilise an egg, so getting pregnant can in some cases be a mission. Statistically, the doctors are unsure of how many women have PCOS but the numbers are rising. I now believe, for me, this has a lot to do with what I eat and the way I live my life.

After I was diagnosed I spoke with another GP about not having a period. He told me that most women would be jumping for the ceiling if they had not had a period. Also that my womb wouldn’t swell to the size of an elephants if I did not have a period. Something inside of me told me that it wasn’t right if a woman did not ovulate every twenty eight days. To me, it’s like not cleaning the drains of your house or not fixing your broken toilet. They just become blocked. Personally, I just wouldn’t do it! We all look after our cars and our houses but as humans we tend to neglect the most important part of us, our bodies!

After I was told I had PCOS I decided to visit an acupuncturist. When I was a teenager I had acne and my mother took me to see a Chinese Herbalist which worked well for my skin. On this occasion I went to a high street shop. Unfortunately, Chinese medicine is not regulated at the moment in the UK and I found myself spending a fortune for medicines and treatment I didn’t really know a lot about.

However, it did make my periods regular and I knew I was on the right road. After taking medicine from a shop that made me sick, my mum suggested I visit an acupuncturist she had been to see. At first I was very reluctant. To be honest, I felt like a fool and I didn’t want to have to tell anyone what I had done. My mum reassured me that it would be OK and I made the appointment. Later on that day I visited the acupuncturist I had made an appointment with.

To be continued…..