My Real Food Wagon Journey Part Two

Paul, an Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist, was very sympathic with me and made me feel at ease. Unlike the Chinese Herbalist shops, Paul was British and he studied for his qualification in the UK. When visiting a shop, the doctor who treats you often does not speak English nor is English there first language so they will often have a translator. It was also not made clear where they obtained their qualifications. I very often found myself questioning whether they were translating my words correctly. I also didn’t feel as though Paul was going to sell me anything I didn’t need or want in my body.

After visiting Paul for a few months my periods began to become regular, I was ovulating every 32 -34 days and suddenly I was finding I had a lot more confidence. I got a new job, joined a social club and through this I found my husband Howard. I continued to have acupuncture and I was finding paths that I thought were shut opening up for me. My boyfriend, now husband, proposed and about a year later we got married. It was always in our plans to have a family.

Unfortunately, it took us a while to get there. At the time, I was probably a stone overweight so I decided after a year of trying that I would like to go on a diet. I had already joined a gym but I just wasn’t losing the weight. I made a decision to join Weight Watchers and after six months I lost two stone nine pounds and I have managed to keep the weight off. Then after another year of trying we fell pregnant with our son Ted.

I know it’s brilliant but I am no longer a fan of Weight Watchers nor any other commercial weight loss companies. If this has worked for you then brilliant but I no longer want to support this industry. Most of these commercial diet companies ‘unconsciously’ promote unhealthy eating. As long as it’s within your points you can eat what ever you like. I remember overhearing a conversation between two sales assistants a little while ago. One complimented the other on her weight loss and asked how she had achieved it. She told her work colleague that she had lost weight through Weight Watchers and how easy it was to do. I remember her saying, ‘If I want to eat a chocolate bar for every meal then I can as long as it is within my points for the day.’ So simple, yes but where are your healthy fats coming from?

When I started my commercial diet foods like nuts, dates, avocados and seeds were very high in points so I decided to take these things off my menu. Like many people you want to be able to eat as much as possible for as few points as possible. So I would source foods that did not have many points and live on these types of foods. Weight Watchers looks at food via fats, proteins and carbohydrates. They don not look at the nourishment of the food. Nowadays these items are back on the menu and the weight is staying off but I do believe this is because I have given up sugar and processed food.

The finale coming soon…..