It’s your fault you’re fat!


Me three stone heavier.

‘It’s your fault you’re fat!’ A statement I feel is implied by the media, governments and large corporations and I’m honestly tired of it. Long before my attempt to quit sugar and processed food I have been 3 stone heavier than I am today. If someone had told me it was my fault I was a larger size I would have been mortified and very hurt. The reason I lost the weight was my husband and I were trying to get pregnant. Therefore I thought it would help us.

So I went on the Weight Watchers, ‘starve yourself thin’ diet which did work and I did eventually fall pregnant with our son Ted. However, it wasn’t until I visited a homeopath did I realize how much sugar I was consuming. Dawn, my homeopath, informed me my sugar levels were too high and suggested I give up the sugar. Since then I have been on an amazing journey learning about the food we eat and how it can effect us.

So six or more years ago I would have been so upset if I had read an article that implied it was my fault I was overweight. Now I have different thoughts. I don’t think it’s anyone’s fault if they are a bigger person. But I do believe the media are always trying to tell us that it is our fault, then on the next page trying a sell us a big fat soft drink. What I have come to realise is the food manufacturers are owned by the media and the media is owned by the food manufacturers. So of course they are going to blame us. It becomes like a never ending circle of pain for the consumer.

When I was heavier I would read articles that made implications of this kind and I would feel like society was blaming me. So then I would read the advert on the next page and think, oh a new ice cream or chocolate bar. Eventually, I would eat the food that I now think made me put on weight and kept me heavy in the first place.

Today I feel I have a lot more self control and I’m telling the media and large corporations that I’m no longer letting them sell me the cardboard they call food. Woody Harrelson has recently released a statement in which he believes we live in a corrupt world.

As he says in a video, ‘There really is no good reason for why we keep choosing to buy many of the products we currently consume other than that they have been successfully marketed to us; advertising companies know how to create a demand for products that are harmful to ourselves and to the environment, how to convince us that we want and need them. But I’m going to let you in on a little secret… you don’t need those products! The more you opt out of purchasing harmful products, the more big corporations will be forced to either adapt to what the people want by providing safer products or go out of business, plain and simple.’ Click here for more details.

For me, it was time to stop buying into the media and large corporations. I feel I am educating myself by learning about the foods and natural medicines that will help me, touch wood, to have a happier, healthier future. As much as I can I try to live with less and enjoy nature and the outdoors more. I try to be grateful for the breath in my body and the roof over my head. Most of all I am trying to embrace life as much as I can. I still read newspapers, magazines and watch the television but I try to remember that most of it is just advertising. Do I really need or want it? If the answer is an immediate no, then I let it go.

My hope is that others will follow. That one day the world will wake up and smell the coffee. To me, it is quite obvious that the people we vote for don’t seem to help us either. Maybe it’s because they too are under the influence of the large corporations. So I think it needs to change from the bottom up. It needs to start with us saying no.


Me at the weight I am today.

By giving up on packet life, I’m helping myself, the environment and I’m saving money in the process. I no longer live in a never ending vicious circle where I feel I’m chasing my tail. Nowadays I live in a happier place with myself and the world around me. So no, I do not believe it was my fault I was heavier than I am now. What I have realised is, I’m the only person who can take care of me. So by not buying into the adverts and media I feel I’m doing the best job I can with the tools I have been given. I’m eating a very healthy diet that suits my body for the moment and I exercise regularly. These are now the things that make me happy and well. I’ve woken up to the reality we live in and one day I hope others will do the same.