Smoothies – 4 great recipes for you!

Choc Tropical Fruit Smoothie 6

Tropical Fruit Smoothie

Mummy (which is me by the way) loves a smoothie. They are a great go-to breakfast that can be made the night before and eaten on the run. Although I don’t recommend eating on the run, you might fall over and spill your breakfast! Hee, hee! When I decided to write this blog I wondered how the smoothie was invented. So I went to my usual source the internet and I found some interesting information.

Hidden Secret Smoothie2

Hidden Secrets Mango and Banana Smoothie

Smoothies were invented in the United States in the mid 1930s thanks to the invention of the electric blender. It was health food stores on the West coast that started selling smoothies. By the late 1960s smoothies were widely sold across the US by ice cream vendors as well as health food stores. The smoothies were mainly made from fruit but in the early 1970s milk was added to create a fruit shake.

Choc Cherry Smoothie 3

Choc Cherry Smoothie

In 1973 Steve Kuhnua founded Smoothie King and he set up numerous smoothie bars across the U.S.  Mr Kuhnua then made the humble smoothie really popular by adding ingredients such as vitamins and protein powder into smoothies. The smoothie became more popular and prominent.

Since then, smoothies have become increasingly popular throughout the world. In the 1990’s due to popular demand, large companies were able to sell in bottles via the supermarkets and other mass-market outlets. However, they are now in the forefront of peoples minds and I have to add making a smoothie yourself tastes so much better than a shop bought one.  My Top 4, in ascending order are;

4) Mint Choc Chip – my first smoothie I posted on my blog and it’s a classic. Smooth and creamy but the chips add a little bit of texture.

3) Hidden Secrets Mango and Banana Smoothie – a cool refreshing drink that has a hidden secret. Great to serve to the kids.

2) Choc Cherry Smoothie – chocolate and cherries are a delicious combination and definitely still a strong favourite.

1) Choc Tropical Fruit Smoothie – the new favourite in this house. It’s a delicious blend of lovely ingredients with a hint of the tropical to it.

Mint Choc Chip Smoothie

Mint Choc Chip