Porridge – Our top 5 filling breakfasts!

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Blueberry, Raspberry and Banana Porridge

Porridge can be a versatile breakfast, lunch or dinner. In this house, I have to be honest, we eat it as a breakfast. I’ve not tried it as a lunch or dinner on my little family. If I do, of course, I will let you all know the recipe. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and we love eating porridge at least twice a week if not more.


Dried Plum and Banana Porridge

Oats are rich in goodness like iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium, vitamin B12, vitamin E and tons of great bacteria for the stomach. So it makes absolute sense that for centuries human beings appreciated its use in kick starting your day. However, this delicious meal that we all know and love today was once viewed as a sign of poverty and deprivation. However, over the past few years porridge has become trendy to eat.

Although porridge normally refers to oats, porridge is really any grain that can be made into a porridge. For example, rice, quinoa and barley can all be made into a hot steaming bowl of comfort. In fact, growing grains is revolutionary, and food grown from grain represents humans being able to settle. We have gone from being hunter gatherers to living together in one place.


Gingerbread Breakfast Smoothie

For me, I love a warm bowl of comfort food in the morning and I will be thanking my ancestors for settling next time I tuck in. To make sure we are breakfast ready, I like to soak my oats overnight as I find them easier to digest. It’s also one less job for me to do in the morning. When we arrive downstairs I have a very hungry child waiting for his breakfast. So it needs to be quick. Thankfully when the oats are soaked and I store anything else I want to put in like, chia seeds or raw cacao powder, in a small glass jar, then all I have to do is tip this in, add the frozen fruit and heat. It takes around 5 – 10 minutes and then you have a bowl of deliciousness on the table. Below are five ways you can eat porridge.

5) Blueberry, Raspberry and Banana Porridge – A classic but still a top favourite in this house.

4) Dried Plum and Banana Porridge – A breakfast that’s guaranteed to get you going!

3) Gingerbread Breakfast Smoothie – one you can drink or heat and eat either way it’s yummy delicious.

2) Chocolate Tropical Fruit Porridge – Sounds strange but we love tropical fruit mixed with porridge. Well worth a try.

1) Choc Cherry Porridge – Yes the number one porridge breakfast in this house is Choc Cherry. My son’s absolute favourite and one way to get him to the table without much of a fight.

Choc Cherry Porridge 7

Choc Cherry Porridge