Killing us at the roots!

Killing us at the roots

Thames Chase on a cold winters day.

Chlorinated chicken in a tin. Oh yummy, what an appetising dinner! Firstly, I would like to apologise for this political blog. I didn’t want to put politics on this page. However, I can no longer sit by and let these politicians dictate what the poorer of society should eat. Politicians are now allegedly claiming that eating chicken from who knows where is OK.

The story so far is that the UK’s government (the Conservative Party) who are in charge of leaving Europe would like to start making deals with America once we, the British, exit the European Union (if we ever leave). In the past few weeks there have been articles published in the mainstream media and social media that suggest the Conservative Party have been in discussions with the USA about trade. Once the UK leaves Europe they will be free from the union’s agreement. It would mean that the UK would be able to remove EU food safety standards from its food.

In America food safety standards are not as good as Europe. The fact that a chicken can be pumped full of hormones, cleaned with chlorine and put inside a tin just proves that food safety is not the same as in Europe. From what I have read, this government believe that by taking food safety standards away it would make food cheaper. Therefore, it would mean that the poorer in society would be able to afford to eat.  However, I’m absolutely sure, being a bit of a health nut, that eating chicken washed in chlorine would not be a good idea if you want to live a long and healthy life.

If this government want to kill an entire generation of people then the Conservatives are going the right way about it. Also, if this government wants to fill the already understaffed hospitals with cancer-ridden patients then please feed them a chlorinated roast chicken dinner. I’m absolutely sure that the Eton boys (privately schooled children) who currently run our government will not be eating this type of meal. Although they seem to believe that anyone who cannot afford a decent meal would be OK to eat it.

Right now if I were the parent of an MP, I would be asking for my money back from Eton or a chosen private school. These men and women simply have no compassion for their fellow human beings. What did these people learn in education, how to take money from the poor and give to the rich. We have elected these people into power and they behave like they have absolutely no responsibility to the people who elected them. When it comes to a trade deal with America they are reportedly ready to go. These are the people who are meant to defend the public on every level. Instead they seem determined to ship us up the river without a paddle.

In my early twenties I worked on a special needs camp in America. I always remember the director telling us, the councillors, that we were the most important people on camp. He said it wasn’t the director or any of the other high level staff, it was the councillors, the ones at grass roots level that were the most important. He always thought of the camp as a tree, the people at the bottom of the tree, the ones who worked with the campers and got the jobs done are the roots. The roots of the tree are what holds the tree up and helps it to grow. When a tree grows the roots need to be fed and watered. There need to be plenty of nutrients in the ground to help it to grow strong. If the tree stops getting good food and water and the soil around the tree becomes undernourished eventually the tree will die.

To help society to keep growing we need to feed the roots of the tree and nourish the soil around us. Otherwise the tree will die at its roots. The system of people making lots of money, leaving another person hungry or without, simply isn’t working. I believe the cracks are beginning to show and we need to radically change soon or, I believe, our tree of life will cease to exist.