Choo, choo, it’s Train Theme Party Time!

It's Party Time, Choo, Choo, Train Theme 7

The Teddington Station Activity

My son Ted will be 4 years old soon and to celebrate he has asked for a train themed party. So mummy, that would be me, has been on to Pinterest to have a look for ideas. There are really clever people in the world and Pinterest is a great place to advertise. (BTW, I’m not sponsored by Pinterest to write this blog, I just found it really interesting especially when it comes to train themed parties.) So here are my ideas.

Firstly we are having party bags so I have made the bags using brown paper. I got this idea from Facebook a few years ago. It’s a way to wrap awkward items without it looking messy. I used this method for wrapping my husbands slippers that I buy him nearly every year. It’s a simple but very effective way to wrap presents and the paper is first made into a bag.

It's Party Time, Choo, Choo, Train Theme 4

A Train Theme Party Bag

  • Firstly get a sheet of wrapping paper bigger than the size of the item that needs wrapping.
  • Lay it flat and fold over two halves of the paper so they meet in the middle.
  • Stick them together with sellotape.
  • Now fold the bottom of the bag about two inches from the bottom.
  • Next fold the sides of the bottom of the bag so that they make triangles.
  • Then fold over the top of the bottom of the bag so they meet in the middle.
  • Stick these together with tape.
  • Carefully put a hand inside the top of the bag.
  • Finally there should be enough room in the bag to put a couple of items in.
  • Once the items are in, fold the top and stick with sellotape.

So that each child has a thank you for coming from Ted I printed from google a picture of Thomas the Tank Engine. Then in Publisher or Microsoft Word I laid the words over the top of the picture. Finally I printed it on paper. To make these more like gift tags I have cut a piece of card slightly larger than the picture and stuck the card and picture together with glue. To finish the party bags I have punched a hole on the party bags and on the cards. Then I have tied ribbon through both.

It's Party Time, Choo, Choo, Train Theme 8

The Gift Tag for the Party Bags

Inside the bags I have made my Vegan Digestives and I have cut them into train shapes for each party bag. I have also made star shape biscuits as well. I will be putting these inside zip tie bags. I have also put a packet of Bear Claws in, as these are Ted’s favourites and I will of course be putting in birthday cake on the day. I will put up a separate blog and vlog on how I made Ted’s cake next week.

It's Party Time, Choo, Choo, Train Theme 5

The flower pots for the children

I have also decided to make a train station. Ted has a Teddington sign in his bedroom which I’m going to put on the garden table outside. Then while the children are waiting at the station they can plant a sunflower. So I have made a ‘how to plant a sunflower’ instruction poster which I will leave at Teddington station. It’s going to be part of the party bag as well. I have also made a railroad crossing sign which will be part of Teddington station. I have a long stick in the shed which I have used to attach the sign to.

Of course, a four year old’s birthday would not be complete without party games. So we will be playing musical chairs and each child will receive a ball even if they don’t win. Plus I have pass the parcel planned. I have bought yo-yo’s from Amazon and again I will put a bag of bear claws in as well. We only have eight children coming and each child will have the same prize.

It's Party Time, Choo, Choo, Train Theme

Finally, to make the food table/island in this house look like a train theme, I have bought tupperware boxes. I measured the height of the tupperware box and cut an A4 sheet of coloured card length ways to the exact height of the box. Then I wrapped the paper around the box. Next I draw round the top of a pint glass on black paper and cut the paper out with scissors. I repeated this process four times. Then I stuck the four black circles on either side of the card wrapped around the boxes. I repeated the process with the other three boxes using different colour paper for the body. On the day of the party I will put Ted’s Percy train from Thomas the Tank Engine. Then I will fill these boxes with Party food. Also my husband Howard and I will be making train shape sandwiches for the kids using the biscuit cutter.

It's Party Time, Choo, Choo, Train Theme 2

Teddington Station Activity

So these are all my ideas for Ted’s Train Theme Party. All this took was about 30 minutes of research and I have found great ideas that are not too expensive. They are simple and easy to do. We are looking forward to the big day tomorrow. I will be putting up a video on how to make these party items on my You Tube Channel tomorrow. So watch out and also we will be making a video of Ted’s birthday weekend and the day too. All coming to my channel next week.