5 Favourite Kitchen Equipment Essentials

5 Favourite Kitchen Equipment Essentials

5 Favourite Kitchen Equipment Essentials

Today I would like to share with you the items that have made my life easier when I’m cooking. Before I start, this is not an advert for any of the equipment companies below. These are just the items that I feel have made my life easier in the kitchen. If you decide to buy from any of the links then I will make a small percentage of the profit but it will not affect the price for you.

So I love to cook and I really enjoy spending time in my kitchen. However, I also like to save myself time when cooking. I believe that being organised and investing in good quality kitchen equipment makes the process of cooking so much easier. Below are my 5 favourite items that have helped me to save time while I’m cooking.

5. Glass Jars

5 Favourite Kitchen Equipment Essentials 4

Glass Jars for food storage

At number 5 on my essential list are my glass jars which we bought from Ikea. When we first moved into our new home a couple of years ago we bought our pantry. I then wanted an easy system to locate food quickly while I was cooking. The jars have really helped to make cooking in my kitchen more efficient.

When we buy dry food like rice or pasta that is stored in a packet from our local supermarket I always pour the contents into a glass jar and store it in my pantry. I find this easier than having to riffle through packets in my kitchen cupboards. All of the jars are labelled and I can see what I need when I need it. It has made cooking easier because all of my ingredients I need are to hand. A tip I picked up from Jamie Oliver who also believes that having ingredients and equipment to hand are important to making cooking more enjoyable.

5 Favourite Kitchen Equipment Essentials 2

Inside my pantry with all my glass jars

4. Good Quality Knives, Knife Block and Knive Sharper

5 Favourite Kitchen Equipment Essentials

My Knives, Knife Block and Knife Sharper

Now I believe a good workperson never blames there tools but I also believe that a great workperson needs good quality kitchen equipment to complete a job. For me, having a sharp knife to cut meat, vegetables and other foods is an absolute essential. It makes being in the kitchen much more enjoyable. To me, spending time chopping is very therapeutic but if I do not have a sharp knife it can become a chore and not a pleasure.

Plus I always like to keep my knives to hand. So storing them in a knife block means they are always near by. I also use a knife block for safety as I don’t like to store knives in drawers. I’m always afraid I will put my hand into a draw and cut my finger. So this is why I have a knife block for those sharp knives. I always sharpen my knives before I prepare the food for dinner. Again it makes preparing food more pleasurable. So quality knives are number 4 on my favouites list.

3. Nutribullet

5 Favourite Kitchen Equipment Essentials 6

My Nutribullet

My Nutribullet is a time saving piece of equipment. We do have a food processor in this house but using the Nutribullet for me has been more efficient than the food processor. It’s small and very easy to clean. Plus it packs away nicely in my cupboards. One of the main reasons we invested in a Nutribullet is so that we don’t have to get the food processor from the cupboard to make a smoothie in the morning.

Plus it does make everything smoother and creamier in the Nutribullet. I do make hummus in it but I don’t think you’re supposed to. Also I make soups and sauces in it. The food is so creamy and it’s also great for chopping nuts and herbs too. So a great investment for us and that’s why it’s number 3 on my list.

2. Food Processor

5 Favourite Kitchen Equipment Essentials 5

My Food Processer

My food processor has been one of the best investments in this house. It’s been well used and really well loved. I use my food processor to make soups, smoothies, sauces, hummus and dips. I really do not think I have used this machine to its full potential but I’m getting there. Again it has made cooking so much more enjoyable and if you do have the money to invest in a food processor then I think they are worth every penny. So my food processor is my number two on my essentials list.

1. Slow Cooker

5 Favourite Kitchen Equipment Essentials 1

My Slow Cooker

So my number 1 essential kitchen item is my slow cooker. I write a lot of recipes on my blog that include my slow cooker. It’s been a time saving piece of equipment in our house. Plus it means I can get food to the table effortlessly and without having to spend hours in the kitchen. All I need to do is prepare the food normally the night before and then put it into the slow cooker in the morning, switch it on and let it cook.

Slow cookers are great for one pot meals and they are a healthy way to get food to the table. The longer the food takes to cook the more of its nutrients it will hold, so it’s great for the body. Slow cooking is cheap too. By turning the slow cooker on instead of the oven you will save yourself money. Yep, that’s right they consume less electricity that a conventional oven.

Our slow cooker is used about 4 to 5 times a week and it has definitely been the best piece of equipment we have bought. It cost us about £60 and touch wood, has lasted us about three years. So it’s an inexpensive way to cook healthy dinners for the family.  That’s why my slow cooker is number 1 on my kitchen equipment essentials list.

These are my top 5 kitchen equipment essentials that have helped me save time, money and effort in the kitchen. As I mentioned earlier I love to spend time in my kitchen cooking for my family but I also like to save myself time when I can. These items have all helped me to do time save. What are the items in your kitchen that save you time? Let me know in the comments below and please do not forget to follow this blog. It could do with a little bit of love from you.