Let’s Start Saving the Planet

Saving the Planet

Our Planet

Recently I watched a video on Facebook of a whale that swam into a bay. The fisherman in the bay tried to push the whale back to sea but the whale was sick. It could not swim back to the sea and eventually the fisherman realised it. They shot the whale and brought its body from the sea onto the land. The whales body was then cut in half by scientist to discover the cause of the whales illness. Inside the whale’s stomach were 30 plastic bags.

It’s an image that sits with me as I’m a firm believer that humans need the sea. We are made up of 60% water and we need clean water to survive. However, if we keep filling the seas with plastic and dumping toxic waste into the oceans then I doubt we will be here for much longer. There is now a claim that there will be more plastic in the sea than fish by 2050.

Saving the Planet 4

Menu for the week

The time to start saving the planet is now. I would love to tell you that I have discovered how to solve the pollution crisis in the sea. Sadly, I’m only human but I have started to take small steps to help with the planets problem. On a Monday night you will find me at my kitchen table writing a menu for the week ahead. I like to plan the meals for the week because I find it stops food waste.

From the menu I make a list of all the food we will need for a week. Since I stopped eating refined sugars and processed foods, I make everything from scratch, so we tend to throw away less packaging. Also if I make a list and I stick to it I find there is no food waste at the end of the week. We only buy what we are going to eat.

During the week I will make enough of the meal to make leftovers for the next day’s lunch. It’s one meal I don’t have to think about if we are all eating leftovers. Also if I make too much food and we aren’t having the meal for lunch the next day I will freeze it. For me, when I pull a meal from the freezer for dinner the next day it’s like takeaway night. I love to cook but I also love a break occasionally too.

When buying our produce we shop at our local farm shop. They always have seasonal fruits and vegetables in stock and they try to source as much as they can within a 50 mile radius. Plus they grow a few of the items on the land around the premises that is sold in the shop. They try to use less pesticides on their produce and they also try to source from other farmers who do the same. Not only is buying locally better for the body, it’s better for the environment we live in too. There are less fuels being pumped into the air and it’s great for the local economy.

Saving the Planet 2

Our own long life bags

At the shops we take our own bags and we try not to pay the five pence charge for a plastic bag. A few years ago the UK government introduced a five pence charge for using plastic bags. So to save ourselves money and more importantly to save the world from more plastic we are now taking our own bags to the supermarket.

As well as our own shopping bags, I have now started to take our own fruit and vegetable bags too. A few weeks ago I went online to look for alternatives to the fresh produce plastic bags. I came across lightweight nylon bags on Amazon. (This is not an advert for this product, I have just been enjoying using them.) The bags help to keep foods fresh as they allow the fruits and vegetables to breathe. They are also eco friendly and they are great for a less-waste lifestyle. Plus they are washable and durable. The bags are lightweight and easy to clean.

Saving the Planet 5

Fruit and vegetable bags I brought on Amazon

It’s not been easy trying to be helpful to the environment and I would love to live packet free. However, I also live in the modern world and at the moment I don’t have the facilities near me to be able to live a rubbish free existence. So we always try to recycle as much as possible and we are aware of what can and can’t be recycled. Fruit and vegetable peelings now go into our compost heap at the end of the garden. Eventually I would like to start growing our own but for now we are making good compost. If we do buy anything in a glass jar I will always reuse the glass for food we have cooked. Glass jars are great for storing a homemade pasta salad or yogurt.

Now I realise that this is not rocket science and it’s not going to stop the earths pollution problems. But I truly do believe that small steps make big changes. Imagine if everyone started to use nylon bags instead of those plastic bags for fruit and vegetables. What a huge impact that would have on the planet. Do we want more fish in the sea by 2050 or more plastic? Personally I know which one I would prefer. So let’s stop polluting and destroying the planet and let’s start saving this magnificent place we call home.

What are you doing to recycle in your home? Are you living a waste-less life? I would love to know so please feel free to leave a comment below.


Saving the Planet will be on my You Tube Channel on Saturday 2nd December 2017