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My Top Tips to Winter Wellness

My Top Tips to Winter Wellness

According to the BBC news we are set to see temperatures plummet and high winds soar as we get closer to one of the coldest winters on record. In the last few weeks, I have been preparing for the cold weather and I’ve been ensuring we are winter ready in this house. For me and my family our health and wellbeing are at the top of my agenda. Winter can take it’s toll on the body. With simple steps I find I can lessen the blow of a winter virus if I’m prepared and with Vital Chi’s help we are ready for the winter. There is a discount code below.

pumpkin chicken chilli 7

Pumpkin Chicken Chilli

My body is one of the greatest machines I will ever own so I know what I put into it will help me. During winter I have found that eating warming foods like soups and stews are great for keeping my inner central heating system in check. At this time of year, I find it’s very important to stay on top of my diet and keep my body well maintained. If I stick to a healthy plan it doesn’t always prevent illness but I know it does help to protect my immune system. Therefore, if I do fall ill, having a nutritious diet helps me to have a speedy recovery.

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New coat and old boots

Recently, I have been shopping and bought a new winter coat. Plus, I’ve been checking my wardrobe to make sure I have enough warm clothes to help me through the winter months. Winter warmers can be expensive items so I only buy what I can afford. I try to buy better quality clothes so they last me a long time. My body really feels the cold so keeping warm with a good winter coat and boots is an essential part of my winter wellness plan.

As well as clothes, part of my winter plan is to take extra care of my skin. A few years ago I used to suffer with dry, chapped skin on my hands. The dry and breezy weather was causing evaporation to my skin’s moisture. So keeping my skin hydrated is especially important. The dryness and stiffness of my skin during the colder months in the past has been susceptible to infections and outbreaks.

Nowadays I like to invest in a natural or organic moisturiser for my body and also for my face, hands and feet. With natural and organic products there are normally no chemical nasties, so I feel these are much better for my body.  In the New Year Vital Chi will be producing a new moisturising range so I’m looking forward to trying these products. Also, during this time I like to carry, again a natural or organic moisturiser, in my handbag for my hands. My hands are normally exposed more to the cold during winter than the rest of my body so I find it’s always good to keep a moisturiser in my bag.

Keeping my body moving all through the year is so important to me but during winter I am more conscious of it. I find that movement really helps to keep my body warm and when I don’t exercise my joints become stiff. Every winter I have noticed how much more sedentary I become and how I like to stay cosy wrapped in a blanket on the sofa. Occasionally wrapping up and sitting down isn’t a bad idea. However, as I tend to do this more during winter it has a knock on effect. I have noticed that it increases the stiffness in my joints and aggravates any old aches I once had. To help me with these small problems I now try to get up early and move. I really enjoy practicing yoga and I have also found tai chi to be helpful too.

Another way to stop the aches and pain in my body is to take a soak in the bath. Epsom salt baths I find help to relax any sore muscles and draw toxicity from my body. Drawing toxicity allows the body to absorb magnesium and sulphate. Magnesium plays an important part within the body. It lets the bodys nervous system and muscles relax and supports detoxification.

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Vital Chi AromaFrequencies we use in our bath

Finally, to make the bath smell inviting, I love to add Vital Chi Immune Defence AromaFrequencies. Oils in the bath can awaken your dulled senses and lift your spirits during the gloomy weather. Since many of them are antiviral and antibacterial they can help to fight off those winter ailments too. That’s what makes aromatherapy the perfect tonic for the winter season. Inside every Vital Chi bottle are bioresonance frequencies. These frequencies are obtained from a combination of chosen gems, healing stones, crystals, and tissue salts. The frequency of each ingredient has been captured and added to pure essential oil, giving you a practical way to treat yourself with bioresonance. Please go to their website for more details and they are offering a discount when you type in this ‘alexis5andfree’ code. Plus postage and packing are free and they have a great range of gorgeous gift sets that would make perfect presents for friends and family this Christmas.

Do you live in a cold climate? If so, what do you do to get yourselves and your families winter ready? I would love to know so don’t forget to comment below.


My Top Tips for Winter Wellness will be on my YouTube Channel on Thursday 30th November 2017.