5 Ways to Prepare YOUR Kitchen For a Healthy 2020

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My kitchen drawer

After I have feasted over the festive season I always start to think about going back to my healthy eating plan. When I first gave up sugar and processed food I only thought about getting rid of the not so good for the body foods. I didn’t think about organising my kitchen to help me with my plan.

Do you like to clean your kitchen ready for a healthy new you or will you be trying it this year? Let me know in the comments below and please don’t forget to like and follow me?

The pots I keep my kitchen equipment in

Nowadays I will often reorganise and tidy my kitchen. I try to keep my kitchen equipment to a minimum and if there are any items I am no longer using I will donate these to charity. I find that if I empty all of the cupboards and lay all the equipment on my kitchen island I find it easier to see what I’m using and what can go. As much as I love kitchen equipment if it’s not a necessary item then, to me, it’s time to let it go.

Next I will clean all the kitchen cupboards and then I will put everything back into the cupboards. When I return everything to the cupboards I ensure that the items I use the most at the front. Anything I don’t use a lot I tend to put to the back. I keep wooden spoons, spatula etc in a large jar by the hob. That way I have everything I need to cook with on a regular basis at hand. It makes it easier when I need to cook a family meal.

My pantry is also kept in order. I have put all of the food I normally use in packets like pasta, rice and quinoa into glass jars. Therefore making it easier to grab the food I need quickly and efficiently. It helps me to keep better stock of what I need when I go to the supermarket. When it comes to cooking, I love it, but I like it being as easy as possible.

Another way to make it easy is to make a menu for the week. To meal plan I find a time that suits me best. Normally when my son has gone to bed. I will sit down at the kitchen table and write a menu for the week. Then I make a shopping list from that menu. I find this the most convenient way to do the weekly shopping. Since I moved in with my husband we have always made a weekly menu and planned our shopping around the menu. A lot of people find us very strange but to be honest I find it weird when people don’t meal plan.

My Pantry

My final tip is to prepare your meals for the week at the weekend. So if I find I will have limited time during the week I will make large batches of food, freeze them and eat them during the week. We also invested in a slow cooker a few years ago and it’s been the best investment. All I do is prepare the ingredients the night before and put them into the cooker pot. Then in the morning I turn the slow cooker on and leave it to cook all day.

In order to achieve a healthy meal plan I find being prepared the best way to stick to it. If my kitchen is in order then I know I can have a meal on the table without too much fuss or hassle. There is normally no last minute dash to the supermarket for ingredients. Everything I need to cook a healthy meal is in my fridge or pantry and all the equipment I need it at hand too. So with all the tips let the healthy eating plan begin.