5 Essentials for Kitchen Beginners

5 Essentials for Kitchen Beginners

Every good workman never blames their tools for a bad job. Although if you don’t have any good tools to begin with how are you even meant to start the job. For me, having the right tools has been my key to success in the kitchen. It makes my life so much easier when I want to cook a delicious dinner.

Knife block

Firstly I would always recommend a set of knives. If you can’t afford a set then one or two good quality knives will be OK. Plus a knife sharpener to help you keep those new knives in good condition. Many years ago I treated myself to a knife block with a variety of knives in. It’s been one of my most used pieces of equipment. I use all the knives in the block and I try to maintain them as best I can. Every time I use a knife I always try to wash the blade as soon as I have finished using it and I never put knives in the dishwasher.

Steel pans and cast iron non-stick pans

The next item on my list is a set of frying and saucepans pans or just one good quality frying pan and a couple of saucepan. We have both non stick and stainless steel pans. Personally I prefer the non stick as I find these easier to cook with but it’s personal choice. Both these types of pans have their good and bad points. It also depends on what you will be cooking in the pan and what you are used to. I would suggest, if you are starting to learn to cook, then one small and one large saucepan would be ideal. Then one large frying pan would be a good starting point too.

Stoneware baking trays

The third item that, I think, any new budding cook should not live without is baking trays. Again many years ago when my husband and I were first married I treated myself to a couple of stoneware baking trays. Stoneware is a great way to cook food. It removes the bad moisture and then leaves the good moisture in the food. So cooking fish fingers on a stone baking tray always turn out really well. By investing in better quality baking trays I feel we have saved ourselves money in the long run.

Measuring and weighing items are, I think, very important when it comes to cooking in the kitchen. I think you will need scales, measuring jugs and measuring spoons. I’m still yet to find a decent set of measuring spoons that will last a lifetime. Although again many years ago I did invest in a set of glass measuring jugs and the scales we brought from a high street store have lasted us a long time. Again these items save me time and money in the kitchen. Plus they also help me to cook excellent meals too.

The final item I think every good cook will need is good Tupperware and storage containers. Tupperware is a staple in our house. I use it for all my leftover dinners that we store in the fridge or freezer for another occasion. Plus I have the luxury of a pantry and I like to store my packet foods in glass containers too. These containers help me to find food quickly when I need it and save me money. When my food is left in packets I tend to have a terrible habit of spilling it. So glass jars help to spare me any mess or waste money.

For me, buying the right kitchen equipment has been a blessing. These items have saved me lots of time and money. Over the years they have helped me to get a tasty meal on the table without too much fuss. So having the right tools for the job has certainly helped me to be a better cook. When you have the right equipment you tend to enjoy doing the job. Whatever kitchen equipment you intend to invest your money in, as always, please enjoy! Thank you xxx

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