Let’s get slow cooking!

photo 1Imagine walking through the front door after a long day at work to the smell of a delicious dinner already done. There are many great advantages to slow cooking and the dinner being ready when returning home is just one of many.

Irving Naxon was the man responsible for this piece of kitchen equipment. Naxon was inspired by his Jewish grandmother. When she was a young girl living in Lithuanian her family used to cook a meal called cholent. Cholent is a stew that took several hours to cook in the oven and Naxon wanted to recreated this meal. By 1970, Naxon had invented the slow cooker and The Rival Company brought his creation.

In 1971 they reintroduced it as the Crock Pot and during the 1970’s popularity for the slow cooker increased. Women started working outside of the home. So a slow cooker meant they could start dinner in the morning before going to work and it would be ready when they got back.

The biggest advantage to slow cooking is that most of the ingredients for the meal can be added in at the beginning of the cooking process. The only thing left to cook will be the pasta or rice separately at the end. Then the slow cooker can be left to do its magic. It’s like the cooking fairy has been at home.

Slow cooking food means more of the nutrients are preserved. The slower food is cooked the more vitamins and minerals can be found in the meal. Also, a lower heat helps to keep a lot of the flavour of the food. Not only is a slow cooked meal full of flavour but it is rich in nutrients as well.

Increasing nutrition means limiting processed foods. A slow cooked meal means less processed foods entering the body or home. Home cooking has been proven to be a better option than a takeaway or buying boxed/frozen foods from the supermarket shelves. It’s a healthy meal the whole family can enjoy.

There are a million different meals that can be made in a slow cooker. Everything from soups to stews, casseroles, roasts and baked dessert. These are just a few of the tasty foods that can be made in a slowcooker.

A slow cooked meal can save money because they are great for cooking the cheapest cuts of meat like pork or lamb shoulder or chicken thighs. The cheap cuts of meat are normally the toughest but once they are cooked slowly they can become very tender. It means the cheap cuts make a mouth-watering meal with not much effort or money.

They use less energy than a conventional oven because they use a small amount of heat to cook. A conventional oven will tend to use a lot of energy when cooking a roast or a stew. Slow cookers however use just a little more energy than a traditional light bulb. So they are energy efficient as well.

There is normally only one pot and a lid with a base that has a heated element. Which means they are very easy to clean so there is less washing up to be done at the end of a meal. Apart from the knife and board used to chop the vegetables and meat, all that will need cleaning is the pot and lid.

The beauty of a slow cooker is they are easily transportable. It can be taken on a holiday or away for the weekend. Slow cooking can help relieve the stress for a busy person. They can go to work knowing that the dinner will be ready when they get home. This is an essential tool for any kitchen and anyone can enjoy it.