Social Media, the joys!

In January of this year I started writing this blog and I love it. I really enjoy thinking of new recipes and uploading them to the internet. Now I’m thinking about starting my own YouTube channel but there are a number of issues that scare me. Don’t get me wrong, I like social media and I think in the right circumstances it can really make a difference. However, I’m now beginning to see the pros as well as the cons.


Firstly, I have now become increasingly addicted to my phone and when I put up a blog on Facebook I check to see how many views I have received. Yes, Facebook will inform me of how many people are looking at my page. And when I don’t recieve any views, yes no views, I became disheartened.

When I have put in a lot of effort into a recipe or piece of writing and all I get is dust balls I want to shout, “it’s not fair”. Especially when people get loads of views or shares for their cat being able to play a piano. A small part of me does get slightly annoyed. I know I can’t force people to enjoy my hobbies and interests but I what I really want is the world to be educated on healthy food. I feel like this is part of my purpose in life and it’s important to me.

To me, clean eating and not eating out of a packet could be a life saver. We have survived for so long as the human race without eating packet food. Now diseases like cancer are on the rise and we still don’t look at why. All we seem to do is search for a cure, that doesn’t want to be found. If we stopped and looked at why instead of where we might see the correlation between packet life and disease. I’m no expert and this is just my view.

All I want is the world to eat well, I want people to lead strong, healthy lives and to be happy. Also, I want them to know that cooking is not a hard task and it can be easy if you prepare yourself. The world to me has become a little bit to ‘convenient’. It takes me about 10 minutes in the evening to plan and prepare meals for the next day. However, when I talk to people about the subject of food, all I seem to get is, “oh I’m not very good in the kitchen” or “I can’t be bothered”. I have even had two friends laugh at me for giving up sugar.

Actually I don’t mind them laughing because at least they have an opinion and they are sharing it with me. I don’t like it when I get silence and this is another issue that scares me with making YouTube vlogs. It’s the fact that I may not get any views and once again I will feel like I’m talking to dust. Again I don’t mind if I get dislikes on my channel becauseat least people have formed an opinion. It means they have watched my vlog and they have told me what they thought. But if I put in the effort and get nothing in return, it hurts my ego.

Since practicing yoga at Brentwood Wellbeing Yoga it has helped me to see that it’s not me that is hurt but my ego. My teacher Jessica has been introducing her classes to philosophers such as Deepak Chokra, Micheal Stone and the late, great Wayne Dyer. These people believe we are here for a reason and every single person on this planet is here to serve humanity. We all have a purpose and as human beings we need to find our purpose in life.

Wayne Dyer in his book, No Excuses, (yes really according to Mr Dyer there are no excuses in life for anything,) he explains how you know whether you have served your purpose. He says, “your not dead yet!” Simple really so if you’re not dead you haven’t yet served your purpose. He also explains that when people are upset and angry about the way their life is going that maybe this is how your life is supposed to be. That it’s our egos that are hurt when things aren’t going our way.

My belief is that helping people to eat well is part of my lifes purpose. However, using the internet to do it frightens me but excites me at the same time. It scares me because a tiny part of my brain always throws doubt in. My mum calls that part the devil. When I tell her how I’m feeling about what I’m doing and I mean honestly tell her. She looks at me and says, “that’s the devil talking, just ignore her”.

I really do believe that I’m on the right path and other paths will open up when they are meant to. My life is going according to the plan and I when I have no Facebook, Instagram or Twitter likes this is all part of that plan. If I remind myself I’m not dead yet, I wake up with breath in my body everyday and that everything is going according to plan then it stops me from checking my phone every five minutes. It helps me to stay grounded and live in the present moment without fear of what tomorrow will bring.

I hope that one day every person will have more informed and educted choices about the foods they eat. That humanity will find a way to teach people about finding a purpose and serving their fellow human beings. Until then I’m going to continue on my path and enjoy writing my blog. So if you’re reading this and you would like lots of FREE recipes please go to Thanks to all those who read this blog and please be blessed with happiness, joy and laughter.