Power Hour with Lakeland Natural Cleaners

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Lakeland Natural Cleaners

recently I found these natural cleaners in Lakeland through a subscriber on my YouTube channel and I had to tell you all about them. Before I start I’m not sponsored by Lakeland to write this blog I just wanted to tell you about this amazing find.

In the last few months I have been swapping my chemical cleaners for homemade natural cleaners. In the past year I have been learning about the harmful effects commercial products can cause us when we use them around the home. So I have been making my own homemade natural alternatives.

However, when my subscriber wrote to me with these products I had to try them. These new products from Lakeland are 100% natural and contain essential oils. They are not organic but they are 100% natural. So I thought I would give them a try.

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Clean-ology Shower and Granite Cleaner

Firstly I bought the Clean-ology Shower and Granite Cleaner. We have granite work surfaces in our kitchen which were part of the house when we moved in. When I started cleaning them I could not understand why everything felt so dusty after I had cleaned with a chemical cleaner. I later learned that using acidic products on granite can cause dust pockets. Therefore most of the chemical cleaners I had used in our last homes’ kitchen were redundant.

When I discovered this information I went online and I began finding homemade natural cleaning recipes. I have been using these ever since. Until now, so I have been using the Clean-ology Shower and Granite Cleaner for about a week in my kitchen and the results are great. It’s has not left dust pockets like the chemical cleaners and the work surfaces after wiping are smooth and shiny. It has a lovely scent too, although to me it’s quite strong smelling it does make the kitchen smell fresh after using it.

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Power and Gentle ECOlogical Kitchen Cleaner

The second cleaner that I bought is the Power and Gentle ECOlogical Kitchen Cleaner. I’m not sure if I could use this on the granite but I thought this would be good for cleaning the inside of the cupboards. Since buying the cleaner I have not had a lot of places to use it but I have been using it in the sink, on the dining room table and I also used it to clean my kitchen shelves. I have made a video about these cleaners which will be on my YouTube channel tomorrow. You can see how I’ve used them and it shows me cleaning the whole kitchen.

So this cleaner was good and it gave the kitchen a fresh smell. The cleaner didn’t have a strong scent like the first and I thought it was a nicer smell. It also did a great job in the places I used it. Both these cleaners were very reasonably priced and I enjoyed using both of them. I would give them 9/10 only because they were natural and not organic. Thanks to my subscriber for mentioning these products and thanks to Lakeland. Again I’m not sponsored by Lakeland to write this blog I just enjoyed using these products.


Power Hour with Lakeland Natural Cleaners coming to my YouTube channel tomorrow. 21/09/17