My Five Goals for 2018 (not resolutions)

January Image

January begins

Happy New Year everyone and I hope your 2018 is off to a flying start. So this year I have decided to set goals and not resolutions. In my twenties I would set myself many resolutions and not accomplish any that I had set for myself. Then I would berate myself for not fulfilling the tasks I had set. It became like a vicious circle. At the end of every year I would think of all the things I had done that I didn’t feel were perfect and tell myself that I wouldn’t do it again in the New Year.

By the end of January I would always end up doing what I been telling myself I wouldn’t do. It was like I was setting my own trap. Eventually I gave up making resolutions as they started to become too painful. All I kept proving to myself was I wasn’t the perfect human being that I was expecting myself to be. It was all just too hard and I would always end up kicking myself.

In my late thirties, I have now started to look at life differently. I no longer crave being a perfectionist. In fact I’m very happy being imperfect. I love getting it wrong and messing it up. When I do this I learn and I really enjoy learning. So that’s why in 2018 I have decided to set goals for myself and not resolutions. I think goals is a kinder word and it’s easier, for me, to grasp the idea.  Plus when I set a goal I don’t feel like I have to change myself. I’m putting ideas in place that can be ongoing. I don’t have to accomplish anything or race to cross a finishing line. It’s just a simple idea that I have put into place.

Dad 7

First goal to write a cookery book using my Dad as inspiration

So for 2018 the first goal and probably the biggest one is to write a cookery book. And yes I have mentioned this a lot but I REALLY am determined to write the book and publish it. I don’t think this will be an easy task but whatever the obstacles I’m ready to start. My second goal is to continue with my morning exercise routine. I want to get stronger in 2018. I don’t necessarily want to lose weight but I want to feel stronger not only in my body but in my mind too. So I want to continue my daily practice of meditation and exercise in the morning to help me with this goal.

My third goal is to continue with writing my blog and vlog. There were times during the last year that I wanted to throw my computer out of the window. Especially when I felt it wasn’t going my way. However, during that year I continued and my channel and blog have begun to grow. Slowly but they are growing so that’s a massive bonus for me. I’m learning a lot on this journey I have embarked on and I want to continue learning.

Learning is such a huge part of life and that leads me onto my fourth goal, I want to read more. I have set this goal numerous times during 2017 and I never seem to get to it. I love to lose myself in a good book and I feel like I learn so much from them. Although, sitting down with a good book is the last thing I get to do nowadays. So my 2018 goal is to sit down more with a good book and learn from that book.

Finally, I have decided that my last goal is to practice kindness to myself and to my fellow human beings. Now I’m not saying that I’m going to wake up in a really good mood everyday, I’m human, but I am going to practise my mantras and try to stay calm in tough situations. When I’m calm I can take on any situation. I find that simple thing like meditation and breathing help me to reach this goal.

That’s my five goals for 2018 and now I have set goals I feel like I’m ready to start the New Year. When I was in my twenties, although I ended up not making resolutions, I did always enjoy starting a new year. It always felt like a fresh start and 2018 is another fresh start but with my goals.  So excited to move forward with the plans I have made for this year. I kiss goodbye to 2017 with a few fond memories and I say hello to 2018 with new goals set. So again I wish you all a happy new year and I hope it brings you joy, happiness and laughter.

Mediatation image

Learning more through meditation.

Have you made any resolutions for 2018 and have you thought about setting goals instead? I would love to know so let me know in the comments below and please feel free to like and follow me. Thank you and my next post will be up on Friday. xxx