Uh oh it’s DIET time! Should it be a dirty word?

Uh oh it's diet time 1The word diet will be on the lips of lots of people after the festive season. For many, our waste lines will have expanded and we may be feeling like a large whale! A few years ago I would have been the first person to start counting calories and weighing myself endlessly at the beginning of a new year. It’s what we do, right? Make the resolution that this is the year we are going to get that bikini body! Hmm, never happens though, as I have experienced by the end of the month I was back to eating chips and avoiding any exercise.

Since giving up processed foods and sugar I have realised that occasionally my body will need to gain weight and other times it will need to lose weight. When I finally did start the weight watchers diet it was all about control. I would continually control what I was eating and I would normally be hungry in the process. Control on this diet was my middle name. I would consistently weigh and measure my food and I would make sure I exercised everyday. Then I would add everything to a calculator that would allowed me to eat lots of food on the weekend.

Thankfully it was suggested to me that I stop eating processed foods and sugar. As I researched the subject, I quickly began to realise that dieting is not about control. It’s about finding the right foods that will help your body to thrive. There will be times in our lives for whatever reasons that our bodies will naturally gain weight. For instance, years ago when there wasn’t much food in the winter we would have feasted during the summer months and then fasted during the cold part of the year. We probably would have gone into hibernation during winter too. It may have meant that our bodies would have been heavier at this time of year. The fat on our bodies would have helped us through the winter months.

Also, I have began to realise that as we get older, our bodies will need different types of food to help us survive. When I was younger, I was never the person to be able to eat anything and not put on a pound. I would only need to look at a chocolate bar and I would put on half a stone. However, as I look back I could eat a lot more than I do now without it affecting me. Not that I’m getting old but I have noticed my metabolism has slowed down and my body is different after having a child. As we get older our bodies change and as we go through different life experiences our bodies will be affected. Plus I have Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome (PCOS) which I feel affects your body, digestive system, liver, kidneys as well as the hormones.

So to go on one diet and stay eating the same food for years now seems ridiculous to me. The word diet today I think should be a dirty word. My body has changed in the 38 years it has been on the planet and I have learned that I need to change with it. Variety is the spice of life. Food for me now is definitely varied and I am finding food that helps me. It’s no longer about how much I weigh but how I feel.

Life is a balance and I’m not saying I’m going to pig out but I’m going to feed myself when I feel hungry. If I’m feeling good then I’m more than likely to be looking OK too. When we reward our bodies they help us but when we deprive them they stop working. 2018 is the year I’m going to stop punishing and start rewarding me.