My Four Favourite Organic and Natural Face Washes!

My Four Favourite Organic and Natural Face Washes 7

My Four Favourite Organic and Natural Face Washes

Over the past couple of years I have been swapping the beauty products in my bathroom for organic and natural products. Since giving up processed foods and refined sugars nearly three years ago I started to realise that not only is our food sprayed in nasty chemicals but our bathroom products can also have harmful chemicals in. So I researched the topic and I found several companies that sell natural and organic products.

For many years I have suffered with acne, I wouldn’t say it was severe but it is noticeable to me. I think this has affected me in many ways. So in recent months I have been looking for good products that do not contain any harmful chemicals. The products I have chosen have helped to heal the skin on my face are four that I have really enjoy using. If you suffer with acne-prone skin I would recommend these products.

My Four Favourite Organic and Natural Face Washes 6

Sukin Oil Balancing

The first face wash that I have found is by a company called Sukin. Sukin is an Australian brand that are not too expensive. The company is committed to producing the highest standards of natural skincare, hair care and body care products with utmost efficacy and they believe this begins with sourcing quality ingredients.

The facial scrub called Oil Balancing with Charcoal is lovely on my skin. I have been using this product for a few months and I love the fresh feeling I get after using it. The Sukin Oil Balancing Facial Scrub has natural Jojoba Beads and Bamboo Charcoal that gently polish the skin whilst helping to keep it clear of impurities. Charcoal aids in balancing the complexion through the removal of excess oil and toxins. Blemish-prone skin is soothed and the skin is left feeling hydrated and revitalised. The product is suitable for normal skin types but also great for oily skin.

My Four Favourite Organic and Natural Face Washes 3

Dr Organic Charcoal Face Wash

Dr Organics Charcoal Face Wash is the second products I have been enjoying. I am a massive Dr Organics fan and half of the products I use in my bathroom are Dr Organic. I think this is a new range as I have only seen it on sale recently. Dr Organic utilises only the finest natural and organic raw materials whenever possible. They source a wide variety of accredited and certified organic ingredients from around the world. Plus wherever an organic ingredient can not be found a sustainable natural or naturally derived alternative is used.

The face wash cleanses the skin of oil and impurities. It has been specifically formulated to absorb and remove impurities and toxins from the skin. The cleansing process is enhanced by the addition of Aloe Vera juice and rejuvenating bioactive extracts. The face wash leaves the skin feeling fresh and oil free. I really enjoy using this product and it has been a good addition to my bathroom.

My Four Favourite Organic and Natural Face Washes 2

Dr Organic Skin Clear Organic Tea Tree

Next I have found Dr Organic Exfoliating Scrub which is ideal for oily, blemish prone skin like mine. It has a blend of bioactive organic and natural plant extracts which include tea tree oil, grapefruit and chamomile. It has a presence of fruit acids which help to increase the rate of skin renewal while providing uniquely effective exfoliating benefits. It leaves my skin feeling calmer and cleaner and it is a very refreshing face wash.

The final face wash I have found is by a company called Lavera. Lavera skincare contains 100% natural and organic ingredients. The cleansing milk 2 in 1 that I have been using is brilliant and I think this is my favourite product. It’s from the sensitive range and it’s composed of natural mild cleansing and organic ingredients to gently cleanse and remove make up. It can even remove make up from around the eyes without stripping the skin of its natural oils. My face always feels soft and I think this is my favourite because it has moisturising ingredients in this wash.

My Four Favourite Organic and Natural Face Washes 1

Lavera Cleansing Milk

All of these products are worth the investment. I feel better for not putting harsh chemicals on my skin and I feel as though my skin looks healthier too. These products are kinder not only to the body but also to the world around us. None of the above products are tested on animals, and do not contain parabens, SLS, phtalates, parrafinium or petrochemicals. Therefore when I wash my face I know I’m not flushing harsh chemicals done the plug hole and then into the sea. These four are just my favourites and I realise there are others on the market too. I have not been sponsored by these companies to write this blog I wanted to show you what I have been using.

Have you got a favourite natural or organic face wash that you enjoy using? Let me know in the comment below and please don’t forget to like and follow my blog.


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