Discovering Dinosaurs in Devon and Dorset!

DITL - Hunting Dinosaurs in Devon

An Animatronic Dinosaur in Combe Martin Dinosaur and Wildlife Park

Discovering Dinosaurs in Devon and Dorset! but before we begin if you are NEW to my blog and love recipes and blog posts then I upload three times a week on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7 am (GMT). So don’t forget to like this blog and follow me on here for loads of FREE recipes and more.

During half term we visited Devon and Dorset and we unearthed a whole new world of dinosaurs. The East Devon and Dorset coastline has been called The Jurassic Coast and has been designates a World Heritage site. The rocks along this coast date back to the days when dinosaurs ruled the world over 200 million years ago.

East Devon’s coastline has been placed alongside the most amazing natural wonders of the world which include the Great Barrier Reef, the Grand Canyon and the Galapagos Islands. The coast rocks which date back over 200 million years contain prehistoric fossils. In certain places, there are even dinosaur footprints. Fossil hunting is discouraged in certain areas but we discovered two brilliant family attractions to learn about dinosaurs instead.

The first attraction was in Devon and it was called the Combe Martin Dinosaur and Wildlife Park. CMDWP is a family run business that relies solely on the income from customers. The park is set in over 28 acres of sub tropical gardens within North Devon. It is an area of outstanding natural beauty. We had a great time visiting the park and it certainly has amazing views of the country side. The staff were passionate about their jobs and I felt they had a respect for the natural world.

There were lots of animals to see including lions, wolves, sea lions, primates, meerkats, penguins and more. Plus they had an impressive amount of life sized animatronic dinosaurs too. We even got to stand in the meerkats enclosure and listen to a great talk about their life in the wild. CMDWP offers lots of shows and free talks about the animals. We were also lucky enough to hear a member of staff talk about the sea lions at their enclosure. The staff were very knowledgeable about the animals in the park and I felt like we had a great day here.

The second place to find lots of information on dinosaurs is at The Dinosaur Museum in Dorchester. The museum has been designed to take visitors back into the prehistoric world of the dinosaur. It is set in a converted Victorian school house in the centre of the historic town of Dorchester. When we entered the museum we were faced with life-sized reconstructions and as we walked around we could learn though interactive play.

As we explored the museum we heard the sounds and even even smelled the breath of a T-Rex. They had lots of exhibits including fossil discoveries from pioneers. Plus there were plenty of activities for the children to play and learn about the world of the dinosaurs.  It was another great day out for the whole family to enjoy.

We thoroughly enjoyed visiting Dorset and Devon and the wildlife park and museum were an added bonus. However I would say the Dinosaur Museum is aimed at 8 -10 year old’s and not my son Ted’s age which is 4. He did enjoy it but I found that he wasn’t really interested in the words on the walls but loved playing with the interactive exhibits. Although, he quickly became bored of these and he wanted to move on. I think this is just my son and other children may love it. Overall I would give these two tourist attractions 5/5. Both are a fun day for the family and well worth a visit.  Please see below for videos I have made about these two places on my YouTube channel.