The Homeschooling Dilemma Revisited

I was glancing through this beautiful blog the other day, that of which I am honored to be a guest on today and found many fun and insightful articles – so thanks Alexis! I absolutely adore the recipes and health food options that Alexis shares (and now I know what I’ll be making for dinner tonight!), but something that stood out to me the most on this website was a few postings regarding schooling. Homeschooling, to be exact. The reason this topic stood out to me is because my oldest has just recently started homeschooling as well, and she is absolutely thriving in it (you can read more about my kids and their shenanigans growing up on my blog here).  I know a lot of parents are unsure about this type of education, but I wanted to write a brief add-on post to Alexis original piece to offer a bit of a different perspective of why homeschooling alongside public school is a fantastic choice.

The Homeschooling Dilemma Revisited

I personally was home schooled for part of my childhood. Half of my education was done publicly, and then I made a personal choice to home school independently in high school. And honestly, my high school schooling experience was a lot better than my younger years at public school, which is why I preferred to do this with my kids. But as with anything in life I believe there is pros and cons to both. When I was in middle school, I had a very negative prolonged struggle in school that continued for years and years. I was bullied, and I also needed more assistance with my academics than most people. The way it was being taught just wasn’t sticking for me, so I was falling behind quite a bit. I initially made the choice to switch my education just to catch up on homework and go at my own pace, and believe it or not, I ended up graduating over a year early because I thrived so well with independent work. Homeschool allowed me the freedom of taking as much time as I needed, which I feel truly helped me to comprehend the material much easier. I also learned a lot more about independence and discipline, which paved the road for my at-home work even now. When you’re home schooled, it’s really up to you to ensure you get everything done, while at public school you have a lot more freedom, and I feel that can create laziness. But the great thing about independent work is that it can be extremely fun and different than what you usually see at public school as well (you can read more about some fun and educational project you can do with your kids to help them learn easier on my blog here).

The Homeschooling Dilemma Revisited 2

Ultimately though, despite my preference, my husband and I made the decision to give our children the freedom to choose what they wanted to do. If our babies ever want to be in public school, we will not hesitate to let them go, but we feel that being together at home is also a great option for them as well.  With that said, we also understand the importance of socialization and having friends that you don’t really get to have when you’re at home all day. So to compensate for this, we have signed our kids up for a day care program on the weekend to allow them the time to play and also interact with other kids their age. I think if you’re planning on homeschooling, it’s a fantastic idea to incorporate outside activities like dancing, karate, or day care to allow them to develop the essential social skills they need!

The Homeschooling Dilemma Revisited 3

And lastly, you are completely aware of the information your child is being taught when you home school. I know some schools nowadays can teach some pretty funky material that you may not want your kids to be exposed to, so I think being able to look over the material beforehand and teach it the way you believe it should be taught is also another perk!

Overall, different kids thrive in different environments, and that’s okay! I’m in no way saying home school is the best option, but in my experience it was more beneficial to my personal academic learning. Despite your choice, I believe you should always give your kids the freedom to choose what they would prefer. Even if you just give home school or public school a trial run, I think that would be an excellent way to determine where you baby will thrive best. Because after all, it truly all comes down to them and their happiness.