5 Favourite Natural Cleaners

My Five Favourite Natural Cleaners 5

My Five Favourite Cleaners

Recently on my YouTube channel I made a cleaning series. In the series I clean my whole home with natural or organic cleaners. I found five that I really enjoyed using and I will be continuing to use in my home. There are several reasons why I started to use natural or organic cleaners.

So my first reason is simple – since having a child, I have become a lot more consciously aware of the products I use and the foods we eat. I, like many parents, want my child to grow up healthy and well. Then I gave up processed foods and sugars and I began to realise it’s not what only goes into our mouths that affects us but what we put on our skin.

Many now believe that cleaning with chemicals can be hazardous for humans and the environment. Our skin is the largest organism on the bodies, everything can be absorbed through the skin and then into the blood. So cleaning with toxic products potentially could be soaking into the body’s blood.

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Surcare Washing Up Liquid

Nowadays I believe we are not made up of chemicals and toxins. We are made up of the earth and the trees. Therefore using chemicals in our homes is not good for us. Plus we wash huge amounts of chemicals down the sink. These chemicals are then flushed out into the sea and the fish, fish we eat, then swallow these chemicals. The chemicals come back to us and end up on our dinner plates.

Toxic cleaners also seep into the water and it’s difficult for water treatment plants to treat a high volume of chemicals. When these cleaners build up over time, it can affect wildlife and other natural resources. Many chemical cleaners are petroleum based which further sucks our natural resources.

Natural or organic cleaners are safe to use around child. Those safety locks for the kitchen cupboards are no longer needed if you are using non toxic cleaners. It means that little ones can help out with the cleaning. My son can now follow me around and help me scrub the kitchen worktops. It also means that my families air quality is better and as a mum this makes me feel happy in the knowledge that when we are at home there are no nasties in the air.

So here are five of my favourite natural cleaners I found in my local supermarket. Please bear in mind that these cleaners are slightly more expensive but I think they are worth the money. Plus this is not an advert for any of these companies I just really enjoy using the products.

In fifth place is the E-cover Multi-Action Spray. E-cover are a great company that make a lot of natural household cleaners. The company has been pioneering green science for over 30 years to bring effective, naturally derived cleaners. The multi action spray is a plant based cleaner that contains mineral based ingredients and it’s great at tackling the dirt. Plus it leaves no chemical residue. It was not too expensive to buy and it did a great job during my cleaning series.

The next kitchen cleaner that I really liked using is the Ecological Kitchen Cleaner from Lakeland. This kitchen cleaner is made with plant based ingredients and it delivers great cleaning power. The cleaner is biodegradable and free from volatile compounds. Again the product was inexpensive to buy and does a great job at cleaning my home.

The third cleaner I enjoy using in my home is the Surcare washing up liquid. It’s a non toxic cleaner that contains no chemical nasties. The company promises not to put anything unnecessary into our washing up liquid that may irritate the skin. So there are no dyes and no acids. I used this cleaner on all of the windows in my house and it did a great job. The cleaner has no smell either so I added a few drops of an organic essential oil each time I used it. The product is slightly more than an ordinary cleaner but well worth the investment.

The final two products that I really enjoyed using are my Method cleaners. Method are a company who produce non toxic cleaners. The products are made with plant based formulas which are biodegradable. The company’s ethos is about making the planet a cleaner place to live. I used the Method Wood Polish on my furniture and it did a great job. It made my wooden furniture look, feel and even smell good. Yes, the wood polish is the almond fragrance so it smelt like Cherry Bakewell Tart.

My Five Favourite Natural Cleaners 7

Method Multi-Surface Cleaner

Then I used the Method Multi-Surface Spray and I used this cleaner in lots of my videos. It’s another product that is made from plant based materials which are non toxic and biodegradable. The Method Multi-Surface Spray has to be my favourite as I could use this product in every area in my home. I would feel safe that it would do a great job anywhere and that’s why it’s my number one natural cleaner. Both these products are slightly more expensive than an ordinary cleaner but I think they are worth the money.

I would just like to state that I have not been sponsored by any of the companies to write this post, I have just enjoyed using the products and I thought I would share my findings. All of these products are great but Method are definitely top of my list. Plus don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel to watch my Organic and Natural Spring Cleaning Series.

Have you ever considered using natural or organic cleaners and if so what ones? Let me know in the comments below and please don’t forget to like and follow me. Thank you. xxx