Googie’s Kitchen Life

Googie's Kitchen Life

Googie being fed chocolate!

In recent months, I’ve been thinking about changing the name of my blog and my YouTube Channel. It’s taken me a while to think of this new name. “Food, Family and Fun with Alexis Knibbs” is just a tad too long and “Alexis’ Real Food Wagon” was also quite a mouthful. It all started on a Saturday morning. My husband and I were driving from a supermarket car park when I noticed the name of another company on the side of a car. I told my husband what a good name I thought it was for a business and he agreed. Then he promptly told me my blog name was too long to put on the side of our car.

It’s what started the cogs turning in my head. I wanted a name that wasn’t too long but could be remembered easily. Alexis is a lovely short name but unfortunately there a few Alexis’ Kitchens on the internet already. So that was that idea scrapped. I suddenly thought I could use my middle name of Atalanta but people often think it’s Atlanta. That was another name off my list.

Small Piers (2)

My brother Piers ‘Boffin’ aged 1

My final thought for the new name of my blog and channel was to use my nickname, ‘Googie’. As embarrassing as it is my pet name as a child was Googie. The story begins with my dad and my brother. My brother’s christian name was Piers but my dad had nicknamed my brother Boffin. Dad had a belief that all little boys should be called Boffin. Don’t ask, I have no idea why and I don’t think Dad knew either. As my brother was called Boffin my Nan decided that I should have a nickname too. She was a person that believed what you give to one child you should give to the other.

Therefore Nan spoke to my Dad about being fair to both children. Yep thanks Nan. My Dad agreed that I should have a nickname too. Yep thanks Dad. Dad then asked my Nan what she thought they should call me. My Nan told my Dad that as a baby I said Googie a lot so that was how I became known as Googie.

For me, especially when I began to head towards my early teens, it was the worse name. Eventually I had to put my foot down and insist that everyone start to call me Alexis. My dear old brother lost his nickname as soon as I was born but it carried on for me. Now I’m going to be using it as the first part of my new blog and channel title. I’m sure my Nan and Dad will be looking down on me and laughing.

After all these years of complaining about it I’m once again turning to my childhood nickname. A name that I once thought was so uncool will be part of re-branding my social media pages. Although, I still feel as though this name haunted me, it’s quick and easy to remember. When people ask I can say Googie spelt like Boogie.

IMG_0034 (2)

Googie and Piers eating ice cream

Plus, I loved to cook as a child and I feel that we should not forget our inner child. Most of the time, childhood was about being carefree and not worrying about life. When we grow up we tend to forget about being free and easy but I’m beginning to remember it again. Since having my son Ted I’ve noticed how he is just Ted and doesn’t seem to care what anyone else thinks. It’s something I admire about children and I’m trying to encourage myself to be more like a child again. I want to care less and laugh more. My inner child also loves to cook and have fun. So that’s what this blog will be about from now on. Food, life and love. That’s all us human being’s need.