Googie’s Kitchen presents Chicken Kiev

GF and DF Chicken Kiev

Chicken Kiev is not a food I was thinking I could eat again. In recent months though I have been experimenting with different foods to see if I can recreate a few classic dishes that I love and miss eating. Finally I found a couple of ingredients that can make the same dish but gluten and dairy free. While I was making our dinner I thought I would research where the Kiev came from.

The exact origin of the Chicken Kiev is not well documented and different sources have made claims about it. Many believe it was invented in Russia during the 18th Century but others believe it was French chefs who discovered the famous Kiev. Since the 18th Century, Russian chefs have been adopting French cooking techniques and French chefs were also adopting Russian cuisine. So this is why there is confusion.

Although, there is a town called Kiev in Ukraine that attributes the invention of the Kiev to a hotel’s restaurant called the Continental Hotel. It was a luxury hotel built in 1897 in the centre of the town. During the second world war when the Nazi’s invaded the Soviet Union in 1941, the retreating Red Army (Russian army)  mined underneath the building and then blew it up. After the war, the building was rebuilt and it has been used as the Kiev Conservatory. According to memoirs left by visitors, the Chicken Kiev was the signature dish in the hotel’s restaurant.

Whoever invented this dish, it’s a delicious one and I’m really pleased I’ve developed an equivalent for my little family to eat. For this recipe I have used cashew nut cream cheese as the filling and ground flax seed as the breadcrumbs around the outside. My family were very impressed with this meal and it’s definitely one I will be making in the future. Below is a video and the recipe for you.

GF and DF Chicken Kiev

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GF and DF Chicken Kiev

Serves 4

Equipment needed

  • Large zip lock bag
  • Chopping board
  • Rolling pin or meat tenderiser
  • Spoon
  • Bowls x 3


  • Chicken breasts x 4
  • Cashew nut cream cheese x 100g
  • Chickpea flour or brown rice flour x 200g
  • Ground flax seed x 300g
  • Egg x 2
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  • Put the chicken into the zip lock bags and zip the bag up.
  • Using the meat tenderiser or the rolling pin, begin to hit the chicken to flatten it.
    • You may want to put the breasts into the bag individually and then flatten them.
  • When they are flat, remove from the bags and season with salt and pepper.
  • Spread the cream cheese across each one.
  • Now roll each piece of chicken up with the cream cheese on the inside.
  • In the three bowls, put the brown rice flour or chickpea flour, the egg and the ground flax seed.
  • Roll the chicken in the flour until it’s covered, then roll it in the egg and finally roll it in the ground flax seed.
  • Continue this process until all the chicken is covered in all of the ingredients in the bowls.
  • Remove the baking tray from the oven and place the chicken kiev’s on the tray.
  • Put into the oven for 25 – 30 minutes.
  • To check the chicken is cooked, cut one in half.
  • Finally serve with potatoes and salad and enjoy.
GF and DF Chicken Kiev

GF and DF Chicken Kiev was a huge hit in my house. My husband and son really enjoyed eating these Kievs for their Sunday dinner. I served them with hasselback potatoes (recipe coming soon to my blog) and salad. If you fancy this meal in the winter you could make it part of a roast or you could serve it with chips and beans. However you decide to eat this dish, as always, enjoy.