Tongue Scrapping and Oil Pulling – How I think I have saved my back teeth!

For many years I have had gum disease and every time I would visit a dentist I would be reminded of this fact. When I was a teenager and young adult I didn’t really have the best diet. I would always try to make sure I ate fruits and vegetables but my diet back then is not as clean as it is today. I did brush my teeth but this simple step was never enough.

Plus I also had a root canal which eventually kept getting infected. I think this was due to the constant cleaning at the dentist. I have a feeling they scrapped away the white filling on the back of the root canal tooth. Then the tooth kept getting infected and unfortunately I’ve had to have my front teeth removed.

Although, touch wood, in the last five years I have given up processed foods and sugars which I think has helped my teeth and gums enormously. I also stopped having them cleaned by the dentist and within six months the gum disease from the back of my mouth disappeared. My back teeth are in very good condition but I think my front teeth aren’t so good.

Sadly, I don’t think my front teeth will ever recover from the hit in the face with a block of ice I receive when I was a teenager. My front teeth have always been weaker than the back. Therefore I intended on keeping a few of my own teeth if I can.

In the past couple of years I have been seeing a Homeopath and Ayurvedic Health Care Practitioner. Both have recommended to me that I tongue scrap and oil pull. When I get out of bed in the morning I go to the bathroom to scrap my tongue.

Ayurvedic medicine has been around for thousands of years and it has always recommended people tongue scrap. It’s a bit like brushing your tongue. By scrapping the tongue you get rid of the sticky substance that builds up overnight. The substance is called ‘ama’ or toxins. They lives on your tongue creating a oily substance.

The coating is undigested toxins hanging out in your digestive tract from yesterdays food intake. So it’s good to get rid of this as it can infect not only the tongue but your teeth as well. I like to scrap my tongue about 5 – 10 times in the morning. Then I rinse my mouth with water from the tap. When I brought my tongue scrapper that’s what is said to do so I’m just following the instructions, honest!

Once I have finished scrapping my tongue, I then head downstairs and I make myself a cup of hot water. I let the hot water cool and then I drink it. Then I oil pull with coconut oil. Oil pulling is one of the best methods of detoxification.

It’s a very simple and harmless way to cleanse the mouth of any bad toxins. The mouth can be an offender for many other health problems such as, diabetes or arthritis. Oil pulling removes the cause for many diseases and therefore will help with your overall health and well being.

I take a large teaspoon of oil and then I begin swishing it around in my mouth. Without swallowing it I pull the oil through my teeth. I normally keep the oil in my mouth for 15 – 20 minutes. I find the best place to oil pull is in the shower. I will put the oil in my mouth in the kitchen, head upstairs, undress and step into the shower. By the time I have finished my shower my 20 minutes is done.

Finally I spit the oil into a bin not down the sink or in the shower. It will block the drains. Then I brush my teeth with a natural toothpaste. By repeating these actions every day I feel I have managed to save my back teeth. I have recently had two dentist inform me that my back teeth are good. Unfortunately, my front teeth are not as strong but at least I have stopped the gum disease from spreading backwards again, touch wood.

Do you suffer with gum disease and have you tried to tongue scrap and oil pull? Let me know in the comment below and please don’t forget to like, comment and follow me.