3 Vegan Drinks

3 Vegan Winter Wellness Drinks

After the feasting of Christmas is over many people will start to think about that January diet. Instead of a diet I like to think about my wellness during the winter months. As the weather turns colder it can increase the chance of illness. For me, keeping myself well during time is more important than a diet.

As Hippocrates, a Greek physician, once said, ‘Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food.’ Below are three recipes that I love to drink all year but especially in winter. I love these drinks and I hope you do too.

My Protective Turmeric Chocolate Milk

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Spice is a brilliant way to protect the body’s system during the winter months and this is the time of year that I start to think about eating and drinking more spices and herbs. When I think of what spices and herbs to use in soups, curries and drinks, my attention turns to Turmeric. It’s a brilliant herb that will help protect the body against those winter chills. Turmeric is a brightly coloured herb that is one of the most powerful.

Firstly, it’s an anti inflammatory that is loaded with antioxidants which help with wholeness and healing. It works to keep the body’s immune system fighting fit during the colder months. Plus it can help with lots of other conditions like diabetes, arthritis and cholesterol. In the winter months it’s the best herb to protect against coughs, colds and flu. Well worth trying.

Lemon, Lime and Ginger Tea

Every morning I will make myself a cup of this delicious tea and I always look forward to drinking it first thing. As well as it being tasty, these ingredients have amazing health benefits and it makes me feel very alive when I drink it. The tea I think kick starts my liver and give me the get up I need for my day.

Spiced Cinnamon Tea

Herbal teas are quite often snubbed by so many people. Personally I love nothing more than a soothing cup of tea with all sorts of different herbs. Herbal teas can help you to unwind and relax. Which in turn is good for your digestive system. They also help to boost your immune system and they can stimulate your brain.

Many years ago I would never have drunk a cup of chamomile tea. I hate to admit it but it’s one of my least favourites now too. Although I have just discovered a new way to drink it and it’s delicious. Normally I drink a chamomile tea when I need to settle myself before bed. Now I have found a more interesting way to drink this tea I think I will be having it a little bit more. I loved this tea and I hope you do too.

3 Vegan Winter Wellness Drinks are delicious and very easy to cook. They are simple but I think very effective. As I mentioned earlier I like to drink them all year round but I think this time of year they are more effective for the body. I still get colds but I find they don’t knock me down like they once did. To be honest, touch wood, I feel stronger during colds than I have in the past. I like to drink these in the morning or late at night but you can enjoy them at any point during the day. However you decide to drink these teas, as always, please enjoy. Thank you. xxx