Cleaning Naturally! Does it work?

Cleaning Naturally! Does it work?

Since having a child, I have become a lot more aware of the products I use and the foods we eat. I, like many parents, want my child to grow up healthy and well. Then I gave up processed foods and sugars and I began to realise it’s not what only goes into our mouths that affects us but what we put on our skin.

Many people now believe that cleaning with chemicals can be hazardous for humans and the environment. Our skin is the largest organism on the bodies, everything can be absorbed through the skin and then into the blood. So cleaning with toxic products potentially could be soaking into the body’s blood.

Nowadays I believe we are not made up of chemicals and toxins. We are made up of the earth and the trees. Therefore using chemicals in our homes is not good for us. Plus we wash huge amounts of chemicals down the sink. These chemicals are then flushed out into the sea and the fish, fish we eat, then swallow these chemicals. The chemicals come back to us and end up on our dinner plates.

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Toxic cleaners also seep into the water and it’s difficult for water treatment plants to treat a high volume of chemicals. When these cleaners build up over time, it can affect wildlife and other natural resources. Many chemical cleaners are petroleum based which further sucks our natural resources.

Natural or organic cleaners are safe to use around child. Those safety locks for the kitchen cupboards are no longer needed if you are using non toxic cleaners. It means that little ones can help out with the cleaning. My son can now follow me around and help me scrub the kitchen worktops. It also means that my families air quality is better and as a mum this makes me feel happy in the knowledge that when we are at home there are no nasties in the air.

Here are salt of my favourite natural cleaners. The first is bicarbonate of soda and this cleaner is great for getting rid of stains and helping to aid blockages. It can be used for general cleaning. Bicarbonate of soda can help to wipe away dirt and grease from worktops using a damp cloth. The bathroom is a brilliant place to use bicarbonate of soda. It can be used to scrub scum from around the bath and it can be used in the loo too.

The next cleaner I like is lemon juice. This cleaner is mild, fresh but effective. It can be used as a non-toxic cleaner and it can de-grease and even whiten your home. Lemon juice has an acid content that is good for helping to eliminate household germs. That’s why it’s a great disinfectant for the kitchen. Lemon can be rubbed over chopping board to help deodorise them and it can help to remove tough stains too.

Salt is my third favourite cleaner. It can be dissolved in water and mixed with several other natural cleaners, such as vinegar and lemon juice to tackle cleaning tasks. Vinegar and salt can be mixed together to create a general purpose cleaner. The cleaner can then be used to clean surfaces, the inside of the fridge and cupboards too. Glass and tiles will shine if you wash them in this solution.

The final cleaner I like to use in our home is white spirit vinegar. Again this cleaner is highly acidic and very effective at killing mold, bacteria and a multitude of germs. The one place I like to use this product the most is in my mop bucket. I fill the bucket with water and add a cup full with washing up liquid and a couple of drop of essential oils. The house does smell of vinegar for a little while but it will pass and leave the house smelling fresh and clean.

Cleaning Naturally! Does it work?

Homemade solutions are fast and effective. I find that a lot work much better than shop brought products. We tend to buy a lot of the items in bulk online. It generally help to keep costs down and we have the storage to keep it in as well. In my opinion, natural cleaners are safe for everyone in the house, they are as effective as shop brought products, if not better and they are cheap too. Plus we helping to protect ourselves, our families and the environment as well.