Vegan Junk Food Versus Meat

Vegan Junk Food Versus Meat

Just before Christmas last year I watched a YouTube video about vegan turkey versus a turkey for Christmas. In the video two people were debating ‘fake’ vegan turkey versus turkey. The vegan claimed that eating the fake turkey from the packet was better for the environment than eating the turkey. The other person was a farmer who claimed it was better for the environment to eat the actual turkey rather than eat from the packet.

To be honest, I have to agree with the farmer. If you want to be a vegan be a vegan. I’m not saying their is anything wrong with that. I would love to see is more vegans learning how to cook a meal for themselves. Instead of fake vegan turkey why not learn how to make a nut roast or a slow cooker meal for Christmas.

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What I don’t like is vegans who seems to think it’s ok to buy packet food from their local supermarket. Sadly the ingredients in these foods can be quite harmful to humans and I imagine also harmful to the planet as well.

There is a certain brand of crisps that have made a vegan cheese and onion flavour. One of the ingredients in this product is carrageenan. Carrageenan is an extract from seaweed which you would think to be healthy.

Unfortunately the part they extract can cause cancer. They also use energy to extract the carrageenan they need from the seaweed in the first place. Although these products are made to look healthy and better for the environment I don’t think they necessarily are what they say.

Plus there is the energy used to make the packaging in the first place. Yes meat is put into packets nowadays to but I actually feel we need meat to help fertilise the land. Especially in the UK. During Winter not much grows here so we need animals to help fertilise the land.

Fake turkey may make Christmas feel normal for vegans but I don’t think it’s helping humanity in the long run. I think we need to go back to basics. Yummy food doesn’t need packets it needs to be cooked in a kitchen especially at Christmas.