Finally We Are We are Growing Our Own Veggies

Finally We Are Growing Our Own Veggies!

Many years ago I decided when I grew up, got married and had children I would also grow my own vegetables. Ever since I was a child my mum, my grandparents, my uncle and my grandparents neighbour have grown their own. As a child I watched these people get great enjoyment from growing vegetables. Therefore it has been a dream of mine since childhood. The earth has always amazed me. It can grow exactly what we need to survive, if we treat it carefully.

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Last year my husband’s brother, Uncle Mark, as he is now known, brought our son Ted a vegetable kit for his ninth birthday. Mark buying this gift for Ted has helped to kickstart my vegetable growing journey. When Ted received his gift from Mark I realised that we wouldn’t be able to plant the seeds in the packets until this April.

One day Ted was looking for an item in the cupboard I was storing the veg kit in. Ted asked if we could plant the seeds this year and I agreed. Then once we had sowed these seeds he wanted to find more vegetables to grow in the garden. We went to the local garden centre and we found seeds we could grow easily.

My mum also had two metal raised beds that we could use. We planted all the seeds and the other week they started to sprout. That’s when Ted and I went into garden to dig holes in the lawn. We dug them the size of the metal raised beds and we filled them with compost. Next we put the sprouted vegetables into the raised beds.

We then planted the seeds we were growing and I can now inform you that we are growing our own vegetables. I’m really pleased with what we have achieved so far. I’ve started to think about what Autumn/ Winter vegetables I could grow as well.

Growing Our Own Veggies!

Pumpkin are always expensive in the shops so I’m thinking we could grow a few of them in our new vegetable patches. I will let you know how this journey goes and of course, I’m looking forward to cooking with the vegetables we have grown in the garden. Do you grow your own and if so, has anyone in your life inspired you? Let me know in the comments below and please don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe.