Cleaning up the skin care routine!

Since giving up sugar I have also been learning about the products I put on my skin and I have started using alternatives that I think are better for the body. Did you know, your skin is one of the largest organisms on your body? The skin absorbs everything into the blood stream and beyond. So what you put on it, to me, is extremely important.

Cleaning up the skin care routine 1

Items Hannalize sells.

When I wake up in the morning the first thing I like to do is exercise and then like most people, I enjoy a nice hot shower. I used to be a lover of a nice smelling shower gel but I have now swapped to a soap I buy from a local lady called Hannalize. I now like to support local traders and buy as much as I can from small businesses where possible. Hannalize’s products are made with essential oils and smell beautiful. Essential oils have been used for thousands of years in various cultures for medicinal products, personal beauty care and natural medicine treatments.

Hannalize sells a range of natural bodycare products and I like to use her rosemary and peppermint and lavender soaps. They are made from natural products. Rosemary and peppermint is good for spots, which I suffer with when I’ve eaten something that doesn’t agree with me and lavender is great for sleep. So I try to use the rosemary soap in the morning and the lavender soap at night.

Cleaning up the skin care routine 3

Items Hannalize sells.

As well as these, I like to moisturise after my shower with Hannalize’s Neroli Body Butter. In the evening after I have washed my face I like to moisturise with the Lavender Body Butter. I find it also helps me to fall asleep quickly.  All of these products are great for the skin and can help the body in so many ways. They also make fantastic presents for people as they are not too expensive and there is a brilliant range of products to chose from. For more information on Hannalize products please go to

While I’m showering I use an organic shampoo and conditioner from a German company called Lavera. All of their products are organic and vegan and they are all cruelty free and  paraben-free. The shampoo does not lather up like ordinary shampoo but it does the job, I think, better than the leading brand you find in the shops. I buy this product direct from the website but you can get a few items on Amazon.

Cleaning up the skin care routine 2

Salt of the Earth Deodorant boought from Holland and Barrett

After I have finished showering I like to put on my deodorant. When I was using more commercial deodorants I was finding that they were not helping me. Due to the fact that I have Poly Cystic Ovaries, I have more hormones in my system and I think it occasionally comes through my skin especially under my arms. I have always suffered with sweating under the arms and my Dad suggested I start using a natural crystal salt deodorant. The product is 100% natural and the magic is that salt kills bacteria, simple! My problem with my under arms has ceased and I feel much better for using a natural product. I buy mine from Holland and Barrett but you can get it on Amazon too.

Next I like to brush my teeth, but I have stopped using the commerical toothpastes,as I have gum disease which I’m trying to heal as naturally as possible. The toothpaste I’m using is by a company called Georganics and it

Cleaning up the skin care routine 6

Aloe Dent and Georganics toothpastes.

contains organic coconut oil. Coconut oil is a great way to promote healthy teeth and gums. It is used primarily in Ayuraedic medicine and can help with oral detoxification. I buy this from Amazon but I’m also using a toothpaste from Holland and Barrett that has aloe vera gel and tea tree oil. It’s called Aloe Dent and is fluoride free. To be honest, fluoride is a man made product but I’m not sure whether it actually helps with teeth and gums. These two products I like to use alternatively so I use one in the morning and the other in the evening.

As well as these products I like to wear a little bit of make up. Make up is not an essential for me but I like to wear a small amount. Recently, I have been reading that researchers are suggesting beauty products could be causing a range of health concerns. They are beginning to reveal that a few ingredients may be linked to cancer and Alzheimers disease. So I have started using organic make up from a couple of companies.

Firstly I’m using foundation, cover stick, lipstick and powder from the company where I

Cleaning up the skin care routine

Lavera comestics, shower gel and shampoo

buy my organic shampoo called Lavera. As well as these, I have bought mascara, eyeliner and powder brush from The Green People.  The company also make 100% natural products and they make lots of skin products for children and adults. The only problem with it is you have to know your skin tone because there’s no way of testing it like there is in the shops. I picked mine quite well thank goodness.

Occasionally I like to take a bath but I have forgotten the conventional bubbles and started using epsom salt, himalayan pink salt and dead sea salt instead. With a few drops of lavender essential oil in the bath. Epsom salt is great for the body as it helps to relieve aches, pains and tired muslces. It is not actually a salt at all but rather a distinctive mineral compound created from magnesuim and sulfate. The unique mineral content is precisely  why Epsom salt has become so renowned for its healing benefits.

It has most commonly been associated with stress relief, soothing of irritating skin conditions such as psoriasis, as well as emotional improvement. As magnesium is absorbed through the skin, it helps trigger the release of serotonin in the brain that has been directly linked to happiness and positive feelings. Epsom salt is an excellent way to raise your levels of magnesium. You can also use this as a scrub on the body in the shower.

As I mentioned above, I use himalayan pink salt in my bath too. Pink salt is not only a great salt to have with your food but it’s also brilliant for detoxifying your body. The replenishing nutrients stimulate circulation and soothe sore muscles. Naturally rich in 80+ nourishing and skin-replenishing minerals, bathing with pink salt is both a healing and therapeutic experience. Finally, dead sea salt is another great way to get plenty of minerals into the body. Soaking in water enriched with these minerals is known to benefit the body from the inside out. It can treat skin conditions and improve internal processes.

All of these salts I buy in large bags from Amazon. So these are the products I have started using instead of the more commercial products. I’m finding through using them that my skin, hair and teeth feel better. My spots since changing my diet and skin care routine are practically non-existent apart from when, as I have already said, I eat food that doesn’t agree with me. If I do get sick from food, I always try to take a salt bath as I tend to feel better immediately after taking it. I have done this gradually as I did with the food and finished any old products then researched the best organic or natural products to buy.

Travelling along this sugar free road has also helped me to look at not only what I’m putting in my mouth but on my skin too. It’s been an eye opening adventure and I’m learning so much each day that I wanted to share a small piece of it with you. Our bodies are important and I feel we need to treat them with care. Any questions on this then please do not hesitate to contact me or comment in the boxes below. Thanks and if you buy any of these products, as always, please enjoy.