Time for a Mineral Check


Time for a Mineral Check

Nearly two years ago I gave up eating sugar and processed food. In general my health and well being are on a natural high nowadays but there have been a few difficulties along the way. Since Christmas I have been finding that I can no longer tolerate certain food groups like gluten and corn. Each time I eat anything with these ingredients in I will wake in the middle of the night with a stomach ache. I never suffered with these problems before but once I gave up sugar I began to experience these issues. So I spoke with my homeopath Dawn Waterhouse who told me about mineral checks. It sounded interesting and I decided to try it. 

Last month I sent my cut hair to a laboratory to be analysed and the results that came back were extremely accurate for me. The formal name for a test of this kind is called a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA). A HTMA is designed to analyse the hair on the head. When your hair grows it is formed from clusters of matrix cells that make up the folicles. During the growth part hair is exposed to the internal environment of the body such as the circulating blood and extracellular fluids. As the hair reaches the surface, its outer layers harden and they lock in the hard coding of your body.The process provides scientists with a blueprint and a record of nutritional activity that has occurred in the body.

When the scientists analyse human hair it can be used as a screening for mineral deficiencies, excesses and/or biochemical imbalances. The doctor (or homeopath in my case) is then provided with an indicator of the long term effects of diet, stress and toxic metal exposure. So when my results were returned I was very interested in the conclusion. The report showed that due to a diet of high sugar, refined carbohydrate and low protein my metabolism was now slow. I have low thyroid activity and low adrenal gland function. The results also showed that due to poor absorption and utilisation found in foods that I have consumed my energy levels have decreased. This, in turn means, I have lowered my metabolism and this has affected my digestion. Thus, creating a vicious circle. 

Therefore my metabolism being lowered by sugar, refined carbohydrates and low protein means in the past I have suffered with fatigue, lethargy, depression, cold feet, dry skin, water retention, cold hands, cold sensitivity and weight gain in the thighs and hips. All of these symptoms I have had in the past. The report also shows that I have significantly higher levels of calcium. It does not mean I have too much calcium but rather the calcium is not being utilised properly. It can cause joint stiffness, changes to skin and hair texture, low energy levels and other conditions that may include fatigue, muscle cramps, insomnia, depression and anemia. 

According to the laboratory research, slow metabolisers are prone to hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). It is becoming very common in modern society due to a number of factors, one is poor diet. Hypoglycemia if often thought to be caused by refined carbohydrates and sugar. However, dairy products, fruit juices and high fat foods may also contribute to hypoglycemic symptoms. The report then continues by informing me of all the foods that contribute to a reduction in my metabolic rate and also the foods that may affect thyroid activity. It suggests avoiding these foods for the first four days of therapy. After this time I should only eat them every three days during the course of therapy. 

The good news is it also informs me of the foods that I should increase and these include foods that are high in potassium, vitamin B-1, thyroid hormone, phytic acid and methionine rich foods. So when I spoke with Dawn about my test results she knew the right treatment to give me which I will start soon. Apart from the high calcium levels, the rest of my test results were ok. It means that once I bring the calcium levels down my body should be at optimum health.

What this has done for me is to give a clear picture of what is happening to my body. The purpose of these tests is to re-establish a normal balance of the body’s chemistry through individually designed dietary and supplement suggestions. If I follow this properly my body will be able to efficiently utilise the nutrients that I consume. The results will be improved energy production and health.