Choo, Choo, it’s Train Themed Birthday Cake Time!

Birthday Cake 5

Train Themed Birthday Cake

For my son Ted’s birthday this year he decided he would like a train themed birthday party. So I decided to look on Pinterest to gather ideas and I came across a really cool idea for a train themed cake. A person had posted a picture to the site of a number five cake they had decided using cupcakes and kitkats. I thought this was a great idea so decided to try this myself for the number four. I was going to use cupcakes and kitkats myself as I’m not the best at cake decorating. We can’t be good at everything right!

However, I had one of those eureka moments on how to make a simple number four cake. All of the cake is vegan, gluten free, dairy free and egg free. The base is a raspberry or strawberry sweet potato brownie, the topping is my chocolate spread and the chocolate rails are make from my homemade mint chocolates. So the cake is choc-tastic too.

Birthday Cake 3

Train Themed Birthday Cake

To start making the cake I first needed to make the mint chocolates. To do this I start the day before making the base. My chocolates recipe asks for small cupcake cases to pour the chocolate in but for this recipe I use a square tin and covered in greaseproof paper. I then put the chocolate in the fridge overnight. For this I used a slightly smaller tin than the one I did use to make the cake.

Next I made the chocolate spread to cover the top of the cake and I also made this the day before too. I put it in the fridge to keep cool. Then the day before the party I made the cake using a slightly larger square tin. I let it cool and cut it and the pieces together to make the number four.

So I started by cutting the cake in half and then I cut the two halves in half again. I laid a sheet of grease proof paper on a tray. Then I laid two of the pieces of cake into an L-shape. Once in the L-shape I laid a third piece of cake and I laid this across the L-shape to form a triangle. The final piece of cake I cut a square from the end and I then sliced this across to form two triangles. The triangle I then put into the empty space in the L-Shape. Finally I cut the final piece in half and placed both the ends of the corner of the triangle to form a number four.

Next I spread the chocolate spread across the top of the number four. It doesn’t matter if it’s not even just try to spread it all the way across. Next I removed the block of chocolate from the fridge and cut into eight pieces. Start by cutting down the middle and then cut the two halves in half. (The same way you did with the cake.) But then cut the four piece in half again. I sliced off a bit of excess from the sides of the chocolate bar. This is optional though.

Birthday Cake 4

Train Theme Birthday Cake

Again, place two of the chocolate slices into an L-shape on top of the cake on the outside edges. Cut right angles at the same shape as the cake below. Now place two more pieces of chocolate into an L-shape on the other side of the L. Again, cut right angles trying to measure the cake below.

Now take one piece of chocolate and lay on the outside edge of the cake across the other L-shape chocolates. Cut right angles at either end and lay down to fit inside the chocolate on the cake. Then do the same with the inside edges of the cake too.

Finally, cut the last two chocolate slices in half and place at the corner of the triangle. Cut to measure the cake so it makes even parallels. Then finally add the decorations and birthday candles for the birthday boy.  Also, I made a ‘Railway Crossing’ sign from lolly sticks and I made a ‘Teddington Station’ sign too.

Birthday Cake

Train Theme Birthday Cake

It looks very shabby chic but I loved making it. The cake was a big hit at the party and the kids and adults all enjoyed it too. Well worth a try. However you decide to enjoy this cake, as always, enjoy.