Adventures on The Swanage Railway!

The Swanage Railway

The Swanage Railway

On a sunny September day in Dorset we headed for Norden to start our amazing adventure to Swanage on the steam railway. For those of you that don’t know my son Ted, he is four years old and loves vehicles, but he has developed a passion for trains. So The Swanage Railway was an opportunity for us as a family not to be missed. I can not take the credit for organising this event, my husband god bless him, put on his thinking hat and we went on a brilliant journey from his itinerary.

Dorset Adventures part 2 11

A view of Corfe Castle from the train window

The day started at Norden Station meeting my husbands parents and then we were buying tickets from the train stations to board the train. The Swanage Railway is a branch line that runs from Norden to Swanage, Dorset, UK. It opened in 1885 and ran a passenger service until 1972. In 1995 the railway was reopened by the Swanage Rail Society and now operates as a charity run by volunteers.

Dorset Adventures part 2 4

Corfe Castle Station our first stop

Each station we went through or visited was filled with station memorabilia from the 1940s and 50s. It brought back fond memories for my mother-in-law who was at school during the 50s. She remembered going on a school trip to Scotland on a steam train and having a great time. The posters that are well kept on the station walls were a happy memory for her and she enjoyed looking at them as she talked about her school trip.

Our little group then boarded the train at Norden but two minutes later we were stepping off having arrived at Corfe Station. The station was again filled with memorabilia but also has a small museum that explained the history of the line. Corfe is a historic site with a castle that stands on a hill above the village. After a visit to the museum and a quick walk around the shops in Corfe we were back on the train to Swanage.

Dorset Adventures part 2 13

The train pulling into Corfe Castle Station

We watched the train pull into the station and once again we were riding the rails watching the glorious Dorset countryside go past the carriage window. After 25 minutes on the train, which actually felt like 5, we were pulling into the Swanage Station. It’s a larger station than the rest. There were lots more people moving around and I felt even more like I had just walked onto the set of a 1940s film.

Next stop was Swanage beach with a picnic lunch and then a game of French cricket. It was a lovely warm September

Dorset Adventures part 2 3

Chococo the Chocolate Shop

day which was perfect for lunch on the beach. After lunch and a rest we took a walk to a chocolate shop called Chococo that my husband wanted to visit. It makes chocolates with fresh cream. So once the souvenir shopping was done, it was back to the train station and home to Norden station.

Dorset Adventures part 2 6

Ted on the beach at Swanage

Back on the train we watched the Dorset countryside glide beautifully by our windows. The train stopped at several stations before arriving at its final destination, Norden. We all departed the train and then waited patiently as they turned the huge machine around to take the train back down to Swanage once more. It was a lovely day and a good time was had by all.

Thanks to my husbands careful planning we all had a great adventure on The Swanage Railway. We would like to thank the volunteers for also helping to keep this amazing charity open. It’s a fantastic day that the whole family will enjoy. For the full day then please go to my YouTube Channnel for the vlog below.