My Top Four Favourite Homemade Gifts

Pickle 1

Slow cooked Pickle pickle! A great homemade gift!

To me, nothing beats a homemade gift. I love receiving them but what I love more is making gifts for friends and family. It gives me great pleasure to give a present I have made to my loved ones. If you haven’t guessed already, I love to cook and I feel it’s one of my best skills. I believe giving the gift of food at Christmas can be a very personal present.

Dates Balls

Date Balls

Food is always welcome with me especially if it’s homemade. Homemade gifts are one of a kind. No two creations will ever be the same and they are always created with thought and care. When creating a gift I’m always thinking of what the person would like best.

Recently, my husband and I held a party for my husbands old University friends and we gave everyone who came to the party a jar of homemade pickle as a present from us. The guests were all pleased and the pickle has been a hit. Plus it’s not the most expensive present in the world.

That’s another great bonus about homemade gifts I always find that making food gifts in bulk is more cost effective.  I like to reuse glass jars so I keep a stash of them during the year.  Large glass jars I will save for homemade biscuits and small jars I use for pickle or date balls.

The pickle we gave to friends I decorated with wrapping paper and ribbon. We even put it under our tree on the day of the party. It made our home look very festive. There are thousands of presents that you could make for your loved ones. As I love to cook I always give the gift of food and here are four of my favourite food gifts to give this Christmas.

Homemade Slow-Cooked Pickle, Pickle!

The first present I love giving is pickles or chutneys. These are fantastic gifts as they keep for a long time, if using vinegar in the chutney or pickle, so can be made in advance and stored in a cool dark place. For the presents I made, I reused glass jars we had been storing in our kitchen cupboards. As I mentioned earlier, I decorated with wrapping paper and ribbon.

Date Balls

The next homemade present I love making for others is Date Balls. Date Balls can be made to a persons tastes. So if you know there are ingredients that they love then you can use them in the process. They are quick, simple and easy to do. The results can be so amazing you may not want to give them away! Again, I reused old glass jars that we store all year round, then I decorate the jar with wrapping paper and ribbon. It’s so simple but effective.


Chocolate and Ginger Digestives 3

Homemade biscuits

Homemade biscuits are such a lovely present. Biscuits are great, depending on the ingredients you use, they can keep a for a little while. We love biscuits in the UK, it’s a favourite snack with a cup of tea. Plus my biscuits can also be used as a crumble topping. Kids and adults love them. They also store well in a glass jar and as always can be wrapped to make a lovely gifts.

Flapjacks and Cakes

Now this is a great gift to give at Christmas but it will probably need to be made the day before giving. Although, I love giving cakes and flapjacks. I have been known to use glass jars for flapjacks but if I’m giving a cake I normally put in a tupperware box. As well as biscuits we also love cake in this country too. There is nothing better than a slice of cake and a cup of tea.

Dried Prunes and Chocolate Chips Flapjacks 4


So if you are thinking about what to buy a loved one this Christmas why not try making them one of these delicious gifts. They are all simple and easy recipes that will not let you be in the kitchen for hours. Whenever I give a homemade gift to a friend they are always so grateful for the thought. So when making these presents, as always, enjoy. These are four of my favourite presents to give to my loved ones. I would love to know, do you make your own presents and if so, what do you like to give?