Let’s Talk Teeth or Lack of Them – Dentures at 40! My Story!

Recently I kissed goodbye to an old smile and said hello to a new one. Unfortunately I had to have three of my front teeth removed. Now before you jump up and down and tell me that I eat a really healthy diet, please let me explain.

When I was 14 I was at school, it was the middle of winter and it had snowed. All the students went on to the school field for a snow ball fight. For those of you that live in the UK you will know as the country is surround by cold. Snow when left for a while turns to ice. Therefore we didn’t have an snow ball fight, we had an ice ball fight.

My friends and I felt this was a bit dangerous so we decided to leave. A young man who didn’t like me and I didn’t like him, decided to call my name. I turned to see who called me and as I did I saw an ice ball come flying towards my face. It hit me square in the jaw. I remember having to pick my braces out from my top lip.

At the time I didn’t think much about it. Then 5 years later I had to have a root canal on one of my teeth that had been hit by the ice. I think this is due to the trauma of having an ice block thrown at me. My teeth were OK until I started going to the dentists regularly. When I meet my husband he (and my mum) suggested to me that I visit the dentist more often than I was visiting. I never went to the dentist and now I know why.

So I started going to the dentist every six months. My dentist would often tell me that I had early onset of gum disease. I was advised to visit the dentist every three months to have my teeth cleaned. It didn’t make the situation any better, in fact I think it made it worse. The white fillng that had been applied to my root canal tooth must have started to rubbed off with all the cleaning. It then accelerated the gum disease and my front teeth started to become very loose.

Eventually I was sent to the Royal London Hospital for Dentists. My worst nightmares about dentists came true. I was told I would be seeing a professional dentist in the original letter but when I arrived I saw a junior dentist. The junior dentist decided to stick a sickle probe or explorer, basically a sharp implement, right up inside my gums. I think he wanted to see how much bone was left. He did this at different points around the inside of my mouth. When I asked him to remove it because it really hurt he said one minute.

When I finally saw the consultant he told me I had very bad gum disease and that I should have all of my teeth removed and replaced with fake ones. I told him I wouldn’t want such a big procedure. My husband and I were trying for another baby and I had concerns about this type of procedure while trying to conceive.

The consultant informed me that he would seriously consider not having another baby. He tried to tell me that women in Africa with gum disease had lost all their teeth while pregnant. That my first child had taken all the calcium from my gums and that I would loose all my teeth if I had another child.

I renamed this consultant the scare mongering one!! As I sat and listened to him I thought about diet. I’m sure many people in Africa don’t have access to clean water let alone a healthy diet. After I heard this little analogy I never went back. The dentist I had in the practise I visit left and I got a new dentist. I hated telling her but I decided just to go to the dentist to make sure, apart from the gum disease, there was nothing else going on.

My new dentist stopped cleaning my teeth too. My back teeth are now in, touch wood, very good condition. Two dentists have told me this now. I believe this is because I stopped having my teeth cleaned on a regular basis. Sadly I had to say goodbye to a three of my front teeth. A little bit of the damaged was done many years before the dentists got involved. I don’t think the dentist has helped at all and I think their may be a few more coming out soon too.

The impact of the ice block hitting my face has also impacted my bottom front teeth too. Sadly I think these are dead at the roots. The back teeth seem to get stronger and stronger but the front bottom ones are still very weak. They have never really been that strong and I have a chipped on one of the teeth too. It could mean that this is another dead tooth.

At least their is no root canal. However I can see the gums are still slightly inflamed around this area. I don’t think the gum disease has left my body entirely. Thankfully though I have my back teeth and I intend on keeping them.

If you read this blog regularly you will know I love food and I think it can help our bodies in so many ways. Therefore chewing whole foods is really important to me. At least I can still chew, chew, chew. As for biting, I can’t do that with dentures. The journey continues with my front teeth and I wait to see what happens next. xxx