Dear Boris . . . OK, Let’s Talk about Diet!

Boris Johnson eating!

Recently I’ve been reading a lot of articles in my social media about how you have decided to put the nation on a diet. According to certain newspaper sources you have taken it upon yourself to make us all watch what food we are putting in our mouths. It has become clear to me and many others that after you suffered with coronavirus you are ‘allegedly’ are going on a diet. Great but you are also putting anyone who is overweight on a diet too.

Now please don’t take this the wrong way I think it’s brilliant that you have decided to take away 3 for 2’s in the supermarket. I’m not a huge fan of most processed foods and I wouldn’t mind at all if all the processed foods were taken from the supermarket shelves. That’s if you do take them away. Let’s face it, it took your cabinet a really long time to put Britain into Lock down. Lord knows how long it will take you to put this ball into motion.

However I would like to ask you, do you not think it would be a better idea to educate people. Instead of always taking everything away from people, could we not sit down and talk about this one? There are many different reasons why people are overweight. I don’t think that stopping 3 for 2’s will stop people buying their favourite junk foods.

For many years I have struggled with my weight. At times I still struggle with it now. I have never been a skinny girl and I often am my own worst critic when it comes to how much I weight. Since I gave up processed foods and sugars I have found my weight has steadied. I have done a lot of research on food and the body in the last five years and I can honestly say I think we have it all wrong in the West.

In the past few years I have been learning about Ayurvedic medicine and how it helps the body to thrive. Food should be a source of nourishment that helps to feed the soul. People have to find what food helps them and then learn how to cook it. There will be times in people lives that they will be overweight but as long as they are happy then that should be OK with all of us.

In taking certain favourite foods away from many people it will only fuel their anger. Also I believe it will only make them want to eat it more. I think we need to talk about food in a positive way. I feel their needs to be more adverts about cooking at home and growing your own. Once upon a time, during and after the war this was the only choice for many people. At this time, didn’t we have one of the healthiest nations?

It’s time to stop punishing people for being overweight and it’s time to start helping them. I think education and advertising are the way forward. You can keep taking from many people in this country but personally I don’t think it will stop them. I don’t think it’s anyone fault for being overweight but if you are going to try to help them Boris, then please start with education.

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