Googie’s Kitchen presents Slow Cooker Bean Tagine

Slow Cooker Bean Tagine

Tagines are traditional dishes from North Africa and they are normally cooked in a special pot slowly over an open fire. Recently I’ve been watching a Youtube couple ‘Kinging It‘ visit North Africa and they have been cooking and eating the loveliest looking tagines. It got me to thinking about making a tagine.

In the past I have made a meat tagine but that was quite sometime ago now. Therefore I decided we were definitely in need of a vegan tagine. On this occasion I decided to make my tagine in the slow cooker as I don’t have a special pot. Although the slow cooker pot does cook food slowly so it’s an ideal alternative for a tagine. I’m sure on one in Africa would mind as the tagine was so tasty. We loved it and we hope you will too.

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  • Saucepan
  • Colander
  • Sharp knife
  • Chopping board
  • Vegetable peeler
  • Slow cooker
  • Teaspoon
  • Stirring spoon


  • Dried black beans x 300g or 2 400g tins
  • Dried cannellini x 300g or 2 400g tins
  • Onion x 1
  • Butternut squash x 1 small
  • Carrots x 2
  • Medjool dates 6 – 8
  • Tomatoes x 1 400g tin
  • Vegetable stock x 600mls
  • Smoked paprika x 1 tsp
  • Ground cumin x 1 tsp
  • Ground coriander x 1 tsp
  • Ground sweet cinnamon x 1 tsp
  • Ground cardamom x 1 tsp if you can get it, if not the seeds from about 3 – 4 pods
  • Garlic Powder x 1 tsp
  • Salt x 1/2 tsp
  • Pepper to your taste
  • Spinach x 1 handful


  • Cook the beans as per the packet instructions.
  • Peel, slice and dice the onion.
  • Next peel the skin from the butternut squash, cut lengthways and remove the seeds.
  • Dice the squash into 2 centimetre piece.
  • Now peel and slice the carrots into chunky pieces.
  • Slice the dates lengthways and remove the stones.
  • Now slice and dice the dates.
  • Put all of these ingredients into the slow cooker.
  • Pour over the tomatoes and vegetable stock.
  • Sprinkle over the smoked paprika, ground cumin, ground coriander, ground sweet cinnamon, garlic powder and the salt and the pepper to your taste.
  • Once the beans are cooked drain and rise them.
  • Then add them to the slow cooker as well.
  • Put the lid on and turn the cooker on for 8 hours on low or 4 hours on high.
  • Ten minutes before the end of the cooking process add in the spinach and let it wilt down by stirring it through.
  • Finally serve with quinoa, millet or rice and enjoy.
Slow Cooker Bean Tagine

Slow Cooker Bean Tagine was a hit with my husband and myself. My son Ted, who is eight, was not as keen. Ted used to love beans when he was a toddler. He would run to the dinner table for a chickpea but nowadays he much prefers meat. Occasionally, I like to try Ted on beans but normally there is always a complaint. As I mentioned, Howard and I really enjoyed this dish and we will definitely be eating it again soon. It’s a great dish to cook in batches and store in the freezer for another occasion too. However you decide to eat this dish, as always, please enjoy. Thank you xxx