Scared for my son’s future in a school.

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Ted on his bike on the way to the local playground

A few months ago I wrote an article called ‘To Homeschool or Not to Homeschool’ and about six months ago I wrote an article called ‘Bus Stops Instead of Schools’. These articles were written about my son not getting into our local primary school. To cut a long story short we were going to be sent to a school four and a half miles away. However, we refused his place and now he is back in preschool until April next year.

At the moment, Ted is thriving in his Montessori preschool and he loves going there. I would keep him in until the end of the year but the government have allowed working mum’s thirty hours of free childcare for over three year olds. As a stay at home mum I do not qualify. Sadly there are no spaces left in the preschool for the summer term and lots of other preschools are the same. So by April I may be homeschooling.

My dilemma at the present time is whether I want to send my son to school. The UK government keep making large cuts to education and they also have not given teachers a pay rise for seven years. In my experience when the bosses don’t give pay rises it’s not a great working environment for anybody. Especially when they cheer because they have decided not to give pay rises to the people who work for them. It’s like a kick in the teeth and I don’t think it makes anyone want to work hard.

Scared of Sending My Son to School

Ted in a Halloween outfit ready for a party

The thought of sending my son to school actually scares me. Not only because the government claim there is no money but I think the UK has one of the hardest curriculums in comparison with other countries. Personally, I feel that is it failing our children. In recent months I have been looking at other countries and how they teach their children. Finland is the one country that stands out to me. Firstly, the Finnish children go to school for 3 – 4 hours until they are seven and until that time they learn through play.

Finland has also banned private schools so the rich kids have to muck in with the poor kids. The Finnish believe that it helps them to learn compassion and if they are from an affluent family they are less likely to punish people for being poor having been to the same school as them. The UK government is a prime example of the rich having no compassion in this country. Many MPs in our parliament had private school educations. It showed when they cheered for them deciding not to give a pay rise to the people who collectively hold this country together.

Children in Finland are also taught practical life skills like cooking and sewing. All of the focus of their education is not solely based on academic work. Finland is at the top of every league table in the world. The Finnish believe it’s because the children have no homework. Yes, no homework! These children and teenagers have more time to play and learn outside of the school environment. Therefore allowing them to expand their horizons beyond the school room.

Now if the British system was more like the Finnish one I would be sending my child to school as soon as possible. However, I feel we have a lot of catching up to do if we are ever to be like Finland. Which is why I’m seriously considering homeschooling as a possible alternative. It does not look as though we will be sending Ted to school in January as we had first hoped. We are now number eight on the waiting list for our local school and number 28 on the waiting list for a school further down the road. We have moved back down the lists. There is nothing else we can do but sit and wait.

We are waiting for a space in one of the local primary schools but it’s looking less likely that we will get a space. However, I’m beginning to think that if this is what is meant to be then I’m just going to let it be. It will mean that I will have less time to spend on my blog and my YouTube channel but if it means my child grows up to be a well rounded individual then it will be worth it. I love my son and I want him to have a happy, healthy childhood.