Easy Peasy Brown Rice Paella

Easy Peasy Paella 4
Easy Peasy Paella

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Many years ago when I lived at home, my Dad would make this dish as an evening meal. Dad was not a great fan of fish but he did like squid, prawns and mussels so always enjoyed a paella. Plus my mum was always trying to get more fish on the menu. We both love fish and we would always ask the chef, my Dad, for a fish dish.

My Mum would always worry about my Dads health more than my Dad. So she was always trying to get fish on the menu. Mum would always read health articles in The Guardian and I think, she would decide that if the article suggested we needed to eat more fish our family would then need to eat more fish.

When my Mum told my Dad about these articles, he would normally tut, then roll his eyes and say, ‘yes dear’. Now I look back at this, it always makes me smile, so this is one reason why I wanted to make this dish again. Plus it is so delicious and it’s an easy mid- week meal. My little family enjoyed it and we think you will too.

Serves 4

Equipment needed

Easy Peasy Paella 3
Easy Peasy Paella
  • Sharp knife
  • Chopping board
  • Large pan
  • Frying pan
  • Stirring spoon
  • Teaspoon
  • Jug


  • Spring onions x 1 bunch
  • Garlic x 2 cloves
  • Brown basmati rice
  • Yellow pepper
  • Tomatoes x 1 400 g tin
  • Chicken or vegetable stock x 600 ml
  • Smoked Paprika
  • Safron x 2 – 3 strands
  • Prawns x 250 g
  • Squid x 250 g
  • Cod x 250 g
  • Chorizo x 160 g (optional)
  • Frozen Peas x 300 g
  • Olive or sunflower oil


  • Start by chopping the spring onions into 1 centimetre pieces.
  • Peel the skin from the garlic and slice.
  • Next, remove the core from the pepper and chop again into 1 cm pieces.
  • Put the large saucepan on a high heat on the hob and add the oil to the base of the pan.
  • Spread the oil with the plastic brush.
  • Once the pan is hot, add in the spring onions and fry for about 2 minutes.
  • Next, add in the garlic and fry for a further minute.
  • Then add in the yellow pepper and fry until all the vegetables are soft.
  • Now add in the rice and fry for a minute or until the rice becomes see-through in the pan.
  • Add in the smoked paprika and stir around the pan for about 30 seconds.
  • Pour over the tomatoes and the chicken or vegetable stock.
  • Sprinkle in the strands of saffron.
  • Bring to the boil and then leave to simmer.
    • Brown rice takes longer than white so this took around 40 minutes to cook.
  • While that boils, peel the skin from the chorizo and chop in half centimetre pieces.
  • Put the frying pan on a high heat on the hob and again add oil to the base.
  • Spread the oil across the base of the pan.
  • When the pan is hot, add the chorizo and fry until it becomes crispy.
  • Set aside.
  • Cut the fish into chunks and set this aside too.
  • Towards the end of the cooking time, when there isn’t much liquid left and the rice is soft, add in the peas.
    • If not soft, add a small amount of water and continue to boil.
  • Finally add in the prawns, squid, cod chunks and then the chorizo.
  • Wait until the prawns turn pink and the squid turns white, the fish will fall apart in this dish, then serve and enjoy.
Easy Peasy Paella 1
Easy Peasy Paella

Easy Peasy Brown Rice Paella is a great dish that will feed the whole family. I did feed this to my son Ted as he loves fish. However, I served his portion and then I put the chorizo into the paella. He does like spicy but at the moment, I don’t think he would like it that spicy. Sadly, this is not a freezable dish but it is quick and easy to do. It would make a good mid week meal for anyone. However you decide to eat this meal, as always, enjoy.

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