Easy Christmas Hampers for your family and friends

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Christmas Hamper

Christmas can be an expensive time of year and there always seems to be so much waste. So this year, courtesy of my lovely friend Briony, I have decided to make Christmas Hampers as presents for my mum and in laws. These were simple and so easy to do so I thought I would write a blog post about it. 

My friend Briony recently talked about how she had bought special boxes to put her presents for family and friends in. However, instead of giving the box to the person it was gifted to she would ask them for the box back and tell them that she will refill it again next year. If they didn’t want to give the box back she would simply ask them to re-gift it to someone else. 

For my family and I this is a perfect idea. My husband’s parents and my mum are of the age where they don’t really want a lot. My mum especially is trying to clear the family home and she is forever telling me not to buy for her.

Inside the Christmas Hamper

So this year I took a trip to Ikea and I found a couple of wooden boxes which I decided I would decorate myself. Then I found wood paint in my local DIY store and I bought gold paint online. I painted the boxes red for a festive feel and then I traced the words I wanted on the boxes which I then painted gold. For a finishing touch I bought a star stencil and gold spray paint online. I then spray painted the boxes with stars.

These Christmas Hampers I feel are unique and they will now hopefully be used year after year. I decided to fill them with lots of homemade gifts, like pickle, biscuits and caramels. We also went to Tiptree to buy a few gifts for the Hampers. The gift of food, especially homemade food, is always greatly received in my family. So each Christmas this is an ideal gift for my family.

Do you make Hampers for family and friends and if so what do you put in yours? Let me know in the comments below and please do not forget to like and follow me. Thank you and see you all soon. xxx

Christmas Hamper for the in laws