Gifts from Grandpa is NOW on Amazon for YOU to BUY.

Gifts from Grandpa by Alexis A Knibbs

Exactly this time last year I decided I wanted to write a cookery book and I’m very proud to announce that the book is now available on Amazon for YOU to buy. Gifts from Grandpa is a book dedicated to my Dad who was an amazing cook who inspired me to cook. In the book I have shared lots of Dad’s recipes I used to eat as a child, teenager and young adult. They are the same recipes I now make for my family but with a healthy twist. I am really pleased that my family also love eating my dad’s dinners. 

My Dad was a traditional cook who liked his ‘meat and two veg’. However, he could also be very inventive too. My brother and I were always well fed as children. Family meals were a huge part of my childhood so I have written down the stories that accompany the soups, starters, salads, main meals, desserts, cakes and biscuits. I have included other family members dishes as well. Although, most of these recipes are sweet and the main dishes are my Dad’s. 

Dad’s Sherry Triffle recipe in Gifts from Grandpa by Alexis A Knibbs

Plus, it was Dad’s belief that every person should have a home. He would always tell that where ever I was in the world I could always go home. That meant the world to me. So £1 from the sale of each book will go to Crisis the homeless charity. 

Dad was always in his happy place when he was in the kitchen. It was the equivalent of his shed. In this book, I feel I have shared the joy my Dad would get feeding his family and friends. It gave him great pleasure to feed people and I’m so proud as I feel I have now put this down in writing. If you do buy this book then thank you so much and I hope you feel inspired by my Dad’s cooking as much as I do. 

Contents in Gifts from Grandpa by Alexis A Knibbs

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